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Saturday, March 10, 2007

$630 per individual & $1260 per family

$630 is the average amount of tax and fee increases that Governor Doyle and the Democrats are proposing, for each and every taxpayer in the state of Wisconsin. Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

This got me to thinking about the affect on a average family of four with two working parents. Since there are two taxpaying citizens in most average families, the total cost per year now doubles to $1260 per year.

Here is a list of reastic items that a family of 4 spends $1260 a year on.

$1260= 2880 glasses (16 oz.) of milk

$1260= 540 gallons of gas (today’s price of $2.50 per gallon)

540 gallons of gas = 15120 miles (30mpg)

$1260= about 3 months worth of family medical insurance payments

$1260= 1482 loaves of wheat bread (.85ea)

$1260= 560 jars of peanut butter

$1260= 42 pairs of shoes ($30 per pair)

$1260= 84 Packer T-shirts ($15 per shirt)

$1260= about 4 vacation days for a family @ Wisconsin Dells


The average family of 4 will have to decide what they plan on sacrificing in order to cover for the Democrat's tax and fee increases.

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