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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Speed Limit.

From Today's Post Crescent.

Saving seconds not worth risking lives


However, the main purpose of government is to protect the people we represent. That is why we pass laws. To protect people from themselves and others.

Ask yourself a question: Why is the speed limit in residential areas 25 mph? For safety. That is, to keep people from killing each other. So, if we are creating laws to protect people, why would someone in government introduce a bill that we know will increase fatal accidents?

This brings us to a well-known phrase: Does the end justify the means? To lose your life or to cause the death of another to save 3 minutes and 20 seconds getting from Appleton to Green Bay to me doesnÂ’t answer the question in a positive fashion.

Chief David L. Peterson,

Fox Valley Metro Police Department

The points left in the above letter need to be addressed. If you want to read the entire letter the link is provided above. Please, do not take this as disrespecting Officer Peterson or the job he does.

Of course the speed limit is 25 mph in residential areas! In an area or two in Appleton I deem 25 too fast and drive 20 or even a touch slower. There is nothing magical about a speed limit, does your comment about the 25 mph mean you think the speed limit on the HWYs should be 25 as well? Come on Officer Peterson, think of the lives it would save!

No officer Peterson, the government's purpose is not "To protect people from themselves..." I agree to a cetain extent it is to protect us from others. You know what, though? A person weaving in & out to drive 65 scares me much more than a guy who passes me doing 95.

I drive 41 frequently. I have put on many miles between Appleton & Fond du Lac and Appleton & Green Bay and I have yet to be stopped for speeding and I have been clocked at 73-75 mph plenty of times. If I am constantly changing lanes to maintain this speed I slow down so I do not have to change lanes often. This means in Oshkosh I am driving 65 or even 60, past Oshkosh it is back to 75.

To those of you who think 75 is too fast, one word of advice STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE AND DO NOT CRUISE IN THE LEFT LANE!