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Monday, June 06, 2005

Washington State & Wisconsin.

My technical problems are resolved!

The first decision in the case of Gregoire vs. Casey is in and it is a victory for Gregoire. From this point on it is going to be an even tougher uphill fight for Casey.

The key of the decision is simply the inability to distinguish between who the ineligible ballots were cast for. Now, partisans from both sides (this partisan is included) have their suspicions who the crooked ballots were cast for but the judge needs more than suspicions. One statement the judge made is very important.

The judge stated the voters are going to have to have to fix the situation by demanding more strict measures to protect the ballot in the first place. For a change, a judge decided not to create law on his own. Now, the Washington state legislature should look into demanding better
ballot security. James Doyle governor of Wisconsin should also take note:

I'm going to decline that invitation...the voters of this state are in the position to demand that remedial measures be implemented immediately...[It will take more than] constructing new buildings and hiring more staff...[There's] a culture of inertia, selfishness...not taking responsibility, refusing to be held accountable...It's the voters who should send the message.

The people of Wisconsin have twice asked Governor Doyle to take measures to protect the integrity of the ballot and twice he has refused to comply. In fact, there is much about our system here in Wisconsin wide open for abuse. The most obvious problematic area is the lack of having to prove one's identity at the polls. The next most is same day registration.

Same day registration is a major headache for poll workers and voters. During the 2000 general election I went to my poll and was grieved to see a long line and figured I would be there for an hour. Well, that line was for registration not for voting. When I discovered that, I was able to sail in and out very quickly. This is a selling point for same day registration? Not only do the voters have to wait but poll workers are pushed to do their work way too quickly and are probably not giving the applications the proper scrutiny. In addition once the application is filled out the benefit of the doubt is given to the voter and they are free to cast a ballot. Once that ballot is cast it is utterly beyond retrieving in case of fraud or voter ineligibility and a voter who has properly followed the laws has their vote cancelled. Now, sharp clerks of courts have caught and will continue to catch those who cheat at the polls but the damage is done. The goal is to stop the cheat before they do the damage.

Sigh, Governor Doyle refuses to take common sense steps to protect the ballot. The GOP controlled legislature listened to his criticisms of the previous bill and took steps to address those concerns but Governor Doyle refused to consider those steps adequate. As I have said before I
try to refrain from cynicism but the Governor can not supply any decent reasons to oppose voter id. Governor Doyle, listen to the people!