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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Preparing for Churchill

Hey gang. Ward Churchill comes to Whitewater on Tuesday, and the BBA should be there. Barring bad Milwaukee traffic I should get there before the College Republicans' 6 p.m. vigil to Sep. 11 victims. I'll pack my camera, tape recorder, and notebook computer. One problem I see is the lack of any wi-fi nearby. I assume it will be impossible for a non-student to access the UW-Whitewater network, and some net searches have found the nearest wi-fi to be in Janesville.

Who is planning on being there? Should we meet someplace before going to the even? Anyone have tickets to get inside? I don't, but plenty should be happening outside. Even if you don't want to post on the event it would be great if you came to support Sep. 11 victims and denounce the anti-American ravings of Ward Churchill.