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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm Back

Did anything happen while I was gone? Or were you all just sitting around waiting for me to come back?

A BBA Zombie PSA

I figure since Jib is on a well earned blog vacation I can get away with this once in a while. ;) plus it is not a real blog without quizzies

Will you survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse?

I know I will


Chris 2

Power's Extra

Well, it was the thought that's counts. Right?

A Nigerian school has received a gift of 300 laptops -- one per pupil -- but has no electricity to power them up, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported Friday.

Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien, coordinator of the One-Laptop-Per-Child programme (OLPC) that donated the computer, said the two-block Galadima Primary School in the centre of the federal capital Abuja had no electricity.

Galadima Primary is the first school in the country where each pupil has his own laptop, NAN said.

"We have been browsing the Internet and we are very happy", Juliet Onah, an excited primary six pupil, was quoted as saying.

But she said powering the laptop remained difficult as the school had no electricity and the supply at home was irregular.

Electricity is indeed a big problem in Nigeria, the world's sixth largest exporter of crude oil. Electricity is provided mainly in the cities and even there the service is at best erratic.

Most homes and private businesses rely on generators.

The OLPC was founded by Nicholas Negroponte, an American professor, to provide laptops to all pupils at 100 dollars by 2008, as a way of ensuring the penetration of information and communication technology in developing countries.

Nigeria's also home to a history of constant coup attempts and governmental upheaval. These kids were just given really expensive paper weights.


Global War on Terror

John Edwards "bumper sticker politics"

It's just a bumper sticker, huh?

cross posted at Stepping Right Up!

Good News on Iraq

According to American commanders, half of Iraq's capital is now controlled by U.S. and Iraqi security forces.

In the face of stiffening insurgent resistance, U.S. and Iraqi security forces now control about half of Baghdad, the American commander overseeing operations said Friday.

Maj. Gen. Joseph F. Fil, Jr., commander of Multi-National Division Baghdad, told reporters at the Pentagon that progress in securing the capital has been steady and that while he could use more U.S. troops he believes he has enough — with the recent arrival of reinforcements — to complete his mission.

"Some wonder: Are we progressing fast enough? Are we ahead? Are we on track?" he said in a video teleconference from his headquarters in Baghdad.

"This is a fight against extremists. It's a fight to put power back into the hands of the average Iraqi citizens and to give them a vote and a voice in their own future, without intimidation or fear. I see progress, a steady progress, in every neighborhood that we've cleared and then established a full-time presence."

Read the whole thing.

Obviously, we're no where close to being in the clear but this is a good sign. Yet, Pelosi and Reid are still pushing for withdrawal.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

RE: Russ Feingold defending Mark Green?

Welcome to the world according to U.S. Senators Fred. Where your confirmation is held up not for what you have done, but for what your predecessor's done.
A Connecticut senator blocked approval Wednesday of former Rep. Mark Green as the new ambassador to Tanzania because of concerns about the outgoing ambassador in the East African nation.

U.S. ambassador Michael Retzer revoked Peace Corps country director Christine Djondo's authority to remain in Tanzania.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, a former Peace Corps volunteer and a big booster of the agency, placed a hold on Green's nomination as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee prepared to approve Green's nomination along with about two-dozen other nominations.

Dodd, a committee member and Democratic presidential candidate, did not attend Wednesday's meeting.

I'm gonna guess Dodd won't be asked about this for sometime. The MSM out here has a tendency to never ask him the really tough questions.

If there's one thing I can tell you about DC, besides the fact no one talks on the Metro...ever, is that it's the phoniness of the place that gets to you first.

That or it's so prevalent, you just get used to it after a while.

UPDATE: Dodd's been given his ego-stroking by the State Department, the hold is over. Admittedly, I don't know if the apology is the same as a waitress sandwich with Teddy Kennedy while your dates are in the bathroom.

Of course, with everyone on the Hill looking more forward to the 4th of July recess than their jobs, I doubt you'll see movement on Green's nomination until the week after next.

Russ Feingold defending Mark Green?

The Immigration Bill Dies in the Senate

The Very Bad Immigration Bill fell 14 votes short in the Senate.

No Amnesty at least not till after the 2008 election. I think any GOP presidential candidates who want a snow ball chance in hell of winning should take note of how powerful an issue this is with the Base on the Right or people like me believe in secure borders.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

But unlike you Eugene no one is defending these idiots

I was wondering when the Race Baiter would make a comment on the idiots who fired shots up in Oshkosh, and true to form Eugene tries to compare apples to oranges to defend the status quo on the North Side.

Show me one post defending these mopes Eugene show me one post telling people to not help the police catch the people who fired the shots.

As usual instead of trying to solve any problems on Milwaukee's North side Eugene tries to say "See it is as bad and dangerous in Oshkosh as it is at 4th and Center.

How many people were actually shot in Oshkosh Eugene? How many murders have happen in Oshkosh as vs. the annual carnage on Milwaukee's North Side.

Keep ignoring that there are real problems in certain communities in Milwaukee, keep trying to deflect the blame and defend the status quo

The Shareholders of the Journal Communications should be embarrassed they are paying this race baiter's paycheck.

Chris 2


The State Senate Dems Budget, equates almost annually to the exact amount of the entire Budget of the Federal Department I work for.

And that's on the good years for my Department!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Baseball At UW?

Interesting piece in The Crapitol Times about eliminating a major embarrassment at the University of Wisconsin — the lack of a baseball program. Referencing the success story at California-Irvine, which did it in 2002 and made the College World Series in five years and drawing on comments made by UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez, the article shows how it can be done and makes a solid case as to why it should be done.

Now, (UC-Irvine) has not only resurrected its baseball team, but the Anteaters have moved up from Division II to Division I and this year have reached the semifinals of the College World Series.

Question: If Cal-Irvine can do it, why can't UW ... ?
Answer: They can. And should.

Kudos to Barb and Sue

I know in certain quarters of the Cheddarsphere these two are the "Wicked Witches of WRTL" but today, especially in many corners out here in DC, they're heroes.

So congratulations to Barbara Lyons and Susan Armacost of Wisconsin Right to Life; for helping start the slaying of the Incumbent-Protection Campaign Finance Dragon.

(Though, I will say, seeing Mike McCabe and WDC go into meltdown like this, was well worth it by itself.)


A win for the the First Amendment

Another step in rolling back the evil that is the McCain Feingold act was taken today when the SCOTUS struck down provisions of the first amendment attacking law.

It is a nice twist that is was a Wisconsin Case that helped fight Senators Feingold's attack on our rights.

This is a win for those of us who believe the founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Bill of Rights. More than Russ Feingold or John McCain will ever know.

Up yours Russ


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Re: Jessie Jackson and Eugene Kane two of a kind

Jesse Jackson pretends to be a spirtualist –a reverend – a man of the cloth. But, his protest amounts to little more than worship of the gun. His attempt at protest – his worship amounts to little more than attempt to appease the gun god.

Jesse Jackson mouths the words of spiritualism but neglects their meaning.

Jesus attempted to separate the tight bonds between the spiritual and the material. Man's sin does not come from the lack of washing or eating non-kosher foods, but from that within the spirit. Jesse Jackson's attempt to blame guns is akin to blaming shrimp for the sin of man.

People wonder why the the Democratic Party and religion are separate clubs?

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Jessie Jackson and Eugene Kane two of a kind

Jessie Jackson was arrested during a protest at a Chicago Gun Store.

They were protesting the shooting of a 16 year old honor student on a Chicago City Transit Bus.

No one from the gun store did the shooting I do not even think the gun came from the gun store, but who do the poverty pimps and race baiter's protest a legal business. Which most likely had nothing to do with the shooting and totally ignore the gang thugs who are actually committing the crimes.

Gee that sounds like someone we all know here in Milwaukee doesn't it.

Until the people living in the communities being attacked by these thugs stop following the leadership of people like Jessie Jackson and Eugene Kane nothing will change. As a community they want to put the blame on everyone but the people who are actually committing the crimes and the "leaders" who do nothing but enable these thugs.

I am sorry they have gun stores in hundreds of cities all over America but do not have the crime problems that say the North side of Milwaukee or the South Side of Chicago have, how could that be?

Illinois also has very strict to almost stupid guns laws, that is why I am pretty sure the gang bangers did not buy their guns from the gun store being protested.

Once again as a lawful gun owner who believes in and abides by the rule of law I will not allow the actions of thugs in certain communities to cause my gun rights to be attacked by people like Eugene Kane and Jessie Jackson or for that matter Mayor Tom "which way to the secret bunker" Barrett.

Its the Thugs not the guns causing the problems.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

RE: Re: So Pretty...


What I love about the picture is that the dog seems to know it's a prop. It has no desire whatsoever to stare at the camera.

That, or the pooch's real owners and handlers are off-camera in such a way the dog's looking in the wrong direction.

As for a discoverer name, not sure I want it. Sort of should be keeping a low profile as it is.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Re: So Pretty...

On the cover of Men's Vogue (what else?) with a dog in a the bed of a pickup truck (John, do you know how much gas one of those things consumes?) I declare that species Oxymoronus Kevini (well, I guess you Kevin get to name it, btw the Kevini refers to the discoverer I would use your surname but I think trying to say Binversiei would bee too much).

I can not wait to hear Rush's take on that, I can hear him chortling and slapping his desk now. Men's Vogue! What is next? Men's Playgirl? That is just as silly as John Kerry or Mitt Romney hunting.

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Re: Re: The Village Watchman, Who Just Puts Down What He Damn Pleases.


I didn't mean to imply that anybody is doing anything corrupt. I certainly didn't mean to suggest that inanimate measuring equipment is purposely skewing the data they collect.

Only that, with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over global warming, we rarely hear about where, exactly, the data's coming from. I certainly never gave it much thought. And this article suggests there's reason to doubt the base data.

So Pretty...

(HT Wonkette) There's a Men's Vogue?

(Mental Note: Take a look into that article about the "No-Gym Workout." See if it allows for 12 oz. curls.)


Pathetic job, Biskupic!

What an absolute joke this is-

Troha plea deal

A misdemeanor?

This is just pathetic.

Clearly, campaign laws mean nothing.

What is up with the charges of only "conspiring to violate campaign laws"? What, Troha didn't actually VIOLATE the campaign laws?

The First Shots of Mayor Barretts secret bunker

Above the first shots of the secret Bunker where Milwaukee Mayor Tom "Just give me one name" Barrett has hidden himself until the national news media leaves.

Nope no problems on Milwaukee's North Side as far as the Mayor can see.

Those of you who live in the city of Milwaukee must be very proud of the leadership that Tom "he ran faster than a Frenchman from a fight" Barrett provides in time of crisis.

Can you imagine if Milwaukee ever had a massive natural or man made disaster how bad Tom Barrett would fail as Milwaukee's crisis leader?

Its funny but I am willing to bet that Tom Barrett would have found a way on to a lifeboat on the Titanic we all know he would not have been standing on the deck when it sank.

You get the government you deserve and that was never truer than in the City of Milwaukee.


Re: The Village Watchman, Who Just Puts Down What He Damn Pleases.


I would not say what is going on with those weather stations is corrupt as is the implication of the quote you use. I would say it is a lack of quality control caused by the the large number and vast dispersion of the data collectors.

Sampling is practically a science onto itself. The article notes NOAA understands the situation and adjusts numbers to attempt to factor in these uncertainties.

This invites (not beg) another question. Is the earth sufficiently sampled to be able to say with certainty the earth as a whole is warming up? Furthermore, such modeling as climatologists and global warming evangelists (GWE) cite are sensitive to things such as initial conditions. Get the initial conditions wrong and your model is only accurate for the incorrect initial conditions. In fact, I recall hearing how one model of our solar system give wildly different states depending on the rounding precision used in the model.

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Fax your Senator for Free

Sen. Herb Kohl
SH-330, United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kohl:
Please vote against all attempts to bring up the "grand bargain" immigration bill for more debate, amendments and votes.

The bill lacks the provisions needed to stop or even substantially reduce illegal immigration in the future.

At the same time, it rewards 12-20 million illegal immigrants with the very thing they broke our laws to get -- permanent legal residence and U.S. jobs.

And it gives amnesty to all the businesses that undercut their competition, reduced wages and fired American workers by criminally ignoring the law and hiring illegal foreign workers.

This bill is a grand bargain only for the people who broke the law. It is a total bust for the American people, especially American workers who must compete in the same occupations with the foreign workers.

I will consider any vote cast to allow further consideration of S. 1348 (or its successor) as a vote FOR AMNESTY.

I hope the people of our state can count on your NO vote.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this,
Mr. Lieutenant Dan
Go to NumbersUSA Action to fax your Senators for free.

Lieutenant Dan @

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Village Watchman, Who Just Puts Down What He Damn Pleases.

"The government are very keen on amassing statistics. They collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But you must never forget that every one of these figures comes in the first instance from the village watchman, who just puts down what he damn pleases."
That quote has been attributed to a guy named Josiah Stamp, a British Baron, banker, and statistician who died in 1941.

I think of it often. I thought of it just the other day, after I read this story:

Remember in January when the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its good friends in media trumpeted that 2006 was the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States?

NOAA based that finding - which allegedly capped a nine-year warming streak "unprecedented in the historical record" - on the daily temperature data that its National Climatic Data Center gathers from about 1,221 mostly rural weather observation stations around the country.
Turns out those "rural weather observation stations" might be putting down what they damn well please.

Ed Garvey will be so pleased!

Ralph Nader says he is seriously considering running for president in 2008 because he foresees another Tweedledum-Tweedledee election that offers little real choice to voters.
I'm sure he can't wait to give Nader his endorsement!

Dealing with illegal immigration locally

Green Bay's City Council was the first in the state to take a local initiative in regards to illegal immigration. Any business in the area who knowingly hires illegal aliens "could have it's licenses, contracts and other grants from the city taken away." The measure was passed in a 9-2 vote on Tuesday night.

The Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Council is up in arms over the decision and is actually "divorcing" itself from the mayor. Along with the ACLU, who will be keeping a close eye on how the ordinance is enforced, they find the measure to be discriminatory, "inhumane and mean-spirited."

In reality, the ordinance is simply enforcing the law. Illegal immigration has failed to be dealt with correctly federally. With the revival of shamnesty, it continues to be an uphill battle. We have seen the consequences, not only at a national but local level. Any steps to regulate and prevent such need to be taken.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt is a local leader who gets that.
Mayor Jim Schmitt said the city acted out of frustration with President Bush and Congress over their failure to deal with illegal immigration.

"Had the federal government done its job, we wouldn't have this issue and we wouldn't have to go have good people disagreeing," he said.
He also, accurately states...

"I don't think the ordinance is unwelcoming or discriminatory as others have said," Schmitt said. "To me, it says we want people who do business here to play by the rules."

More cities should follow Schmitt and Green Bay's lead.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rudy's Bad Day

Admittedly, I was having this conversation with people via IM and on the street. Most of them were in total agreement.

Yesterday was a bad day for Team Rudy. The OpinionJournal's Political Diary gives details.
Yesterday wasn't a good day for GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani. First came word that President Bush was appointing former Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle as his new budget director, replacing the retiring Rob Portman. Mr. Nussle had been the top strategist for Mr. Giuliani in the key Iowa caucuses but now will be sidelined from politics.

Then came word that Thomas Ravenel, South Carolina's state treasurer and the campaign chairman for Mr. Giuliani in that key early primary state, has been suspended from office and indicted by a federal grand jury on distribution of cocaine charges.

To top everything off, the surprise move to register as an Independent by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a man Mr. Giuliani campaigned for in 2001, couldn't have been good news for Team Rudy. Should Mr. Bloomberg run for president, it is almost certain he would diminish Mr. Guiliani's contention that he could win the White House for the GOP by putting states such as New York into play.

A new Quinnipiac Poll makes it unclear just how much of a chance Mr. Giuliani would have in the state both he and Hillary Clinton call home. It shows Senator Clinton with a solid 52% to 37% lead against Mr. Giuliani in a two-way race. With Mr. Bloomberg thrown into the mix, Mrs. Clinton leads by 43% to 29% with 16% opting for Mr. Bloomberg as an independent. Most ominously, Mr. Bloomberg actually ties Mr. Giuliani among key independent voters -- each man gets 23%.

The question now is how the Mayor's campaign rebounds. Being on top for so long, they might have forgotten how to.


We have parades and parties in Oconomowoc all the time Eugene

But they never end like this Eugene.

(photo credit WTMJ Radio website)

The MJS Race baiter and thug apologist is already going into spin mode on the fact this is the second year the Juneteenth day Party/Celebration ended in violence.

He is already trying to deflect the issue on to the stupid racists who will send him emails and he will act like they are the problems not the thugs who seem to be running rough shod over the North side of Milwaukee.

That is when he is not making excuses for the sad example of an alderman Michael McGee/Jackson.

Hundreds of towns and cities all over Wisconsin hold celebrations and parades through out a calender year Eugene and they never end with violence.

At some point Eugene has to stop blaming everything on the "Man" and start looking for causes and answers in your own community.

Oh on final thing Eugene when your really positive day ends with people being dragged from their cars and beaten and Police officers having their face shields shattered(MPD needs to get new shields if a 17yr old girl can shatter them)and people getting shot you have to stop saying it was a really positive day other than how it ended.

The view from the Beach


Now this is funny

`Restless' Brewers prove to be budding soap stars

Milwaukee took time before Wednesday's game against San Francisco to catch shortstop J.J. Hardy, center fielder Bill Hall and pitchers Chris Capuano and Jeff Suppan appear on the top-rated CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless."

The results?

A smashing hit and a lot of laughs.

Hardy thinks he'll get the brunt of the teasing. After all, he's the single guy that teenage girls admire when they come to Miller Park, where some even wear "Mrs. Hardy" shirts.

Hardy may have attracted some new older fans with the show-stopping line.

The players' scene involves them visiting the office of Jack Abbott (played by Peter Bergman) at a photo op during his campaign for Wisconsin state senate. His sexy colleague Phyllis Newman (Michelle Stafford) bursts in and gushes over finding the Brewers. Before Newman is yanked out of the room, Hardy says, "She can warm up with me anytime."
Did anybody else know that show is based in Wisconsin?

Here's another funny part:

Maybe too relaxed for Capuano, who wasn't immune from a slip-up. His teammates pestered him relentlessly for a quick glance below eye-level at Stafford during the scene.

"He kind of took his eyes away from head level," Hall said. "He lost eye contact for a second, but what are you going to do?"

Capuano, who is not married, called his acting "Shakespearean" and was stoic about what happened in the crucial moment.

"I was drawn to the shininess of her shirt," he said.
Guy needs to work on his excuses.

Oh, and as I write this, the Brewers are up 7-5 in the top of the 8th, 6 outs away from sweeping the Giants.

UPDATE - Sweep! And Bonds went 0-6 with three walks in the series. No record for you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So who was Bobby & Janice?

Jib is letting me post here while we put a new roof on the ol' blog site. Let's give credit where credit is due. Hillary Clinton has a great video out there promoting her new campaign song, although it does raise some troubling questions.

For example, does this mean Vince Foster was the Russian from the Pine Barrens episode?

Was Dick Morris really Silvio Dante?

Who's interning at the porno movie studio?

Does Hillary really want to be compared to Carmela Soprano?

When was the last time Bill Clinton did peyote with a hooker in Las Vegas?

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Bloomberg Was a Republican?

The media borgasm over this news is only more tolerable when you see what the left wing blogs are writing about it. Their cluelessness is hilarious.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leaving the Republican party and will remain unaffiliated with any political party, CBS 2 HD learned Tuesday night.

The move will clearly begin advancing rumors that the mayor is gearing towards a presidential run, which he has denied in the past.

In a statement, however, the 65-year-old billionaire mayor indicated this doesn't change his plans for his political future.

"I have filed papers with the New York City Board of Elections to change my status as a voter and register as unaffiliated with any political party. Although my plans for the future haven’t changed, I believe this brings my affiliation into alignment with how I have led and will continue to lead our City."
Bloomberg is the penultimate example of a RINO (Republican in Name Only). He was a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party all of his life, until he wanted to buy himself the Mayor's mansion in New York City.

He changed his affiliation from "Democrat" to "Republican" to avoid the packed Democratic Primary in 2001, then road Giuliani's endorsement to victory after 9/11.

(Thanks Rudy.)

Perhaps some of my other bloggers here at the BBA can understand that the above is a true example of a RINO; not when John Gard or somebody else personally angers you on an issue.

Food for thought...

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The people get it

The people understand- Why can't governor Doyle and the Democrats figure it out?

Four out of five Wisconsin residents polled think they -- and not oil companies -- would end up paying Gov. Jim Doyle's tax on oil companies through higher gasoline pump prices, a consulting firm said today.

A Wood Communications Group official, Kennan Wood, said his firm paid to survey 600 Wisconsin residents between May 29 and June 4 on whether they believe Doyle's promise that state officials can stop oil companies from passing on his tax on the gross receipts on oil companies to drivers.

Overall, 82% of those who responded said consumers would ultimately pay the tax, 14% said oil companies would pay it, and 4% weren't sure or didn't know, Wood said. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 4%, Wood said. Men were more likely than women to predict that the tax would boost gas-pump prices, he added.

Groups opposing the gross receipts tax on oil companies insist that it would amount to a 5- to 7-cent increase in the gas tax, now 32.9-cents per gallon. According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, it would raise $157.2 million a year to pay for highways and other transportation programs, although opponents are expected to immediately sue to block it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey Idiot, Wrong Bill

At first I was going to have a post on how this press release from Cong. Steve Kagen (D-Appleton) was a sign on how vulnerable he is.

For a man who has a near identical voting record as Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- a woman he once hoped would run for President -- you need all you can to highlight "bipartisanship" when it occurs. So, today, you see a press release giving high-fives for a 409-2 vote.

That's what Kagen's press office gives us today. Self-serving political excrement.

But then I realized why I was glad Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel only brow beat the Kagen Press Office for the January Incident (WH Story) and not fired anybody.

The place is still occupied with idiots.

They got their facts wrong.
President Bush had threatened to veto the bill and its critical expenditures. "President Bush must not veto this bill. He shares a solemn responsibility to take of our troops he placed in harms way," Kagen said.
Actually, the bill the President is threatening to veto is the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill for FY 2008. It passed the House by a narrower 268-150.

Kagen didn't issue a release for that vote.

In fact, a simple search of Google News will give you this fact from the AP about what happened with the Veteran's Affairs bill.
But the White House is giving a free pass to a politically sacrosanct bill funding veterans' programs, which passed the House Friday afternoon by a 409-2 vote. That measure exceeds Bush's request by $4 billion, or 7 percent.
The Homeland Security Bill is roughly 6 percent higher than the President's initial budget request. It's got about $2.1 Billion in pork barrel earmarks.

Kagen used to think this way about earmarks in October of last year.
Appleton, WI - Saying that professional politicians in Washington need to start showing more respect for middle-class Wisconsin taxpayers, Dr. Steve Kagen today said that a top priority for the next Congress must be ending pork-barrel projects and special-interest spending.

"The old Congress that left town last week amid scandal and controversy will be replaced on November 7 with a new Congress," Dr. Kagen said. "We will stand up for true Wisconsin values by balancing the federal budget, putting an end to pork, and enacting strict new spending limits to bring down the record deficits we are inheriting."

Dr. Kagen said Congress this session set records for padding legislation with special-interest spending. Last year, some 15,877 pork projects were slipped into bills, costing taxpayers more than $47 billion.

"That's five times as much pork, at more than twice the cost, as a decade ago and more than last year's entire $41 billion budget for homeland security," Dr. Kagen said. "Instead of refocusing resources on supporting our troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq or investing in a more competitive economy, they have squandered the taxpayers' money on special-interest projects."
The Dr.'s since refused to disclose his own earmarks, and said nothing when Dave Obey wanted to create slush funds from inside the Appropriations Committee.

Washington does change you I guess.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Village of Sister Bay, to the rescue

I wish I could say that I expected more out of my home county, but unfortunately, this kind of asinine behavior has become the status quo up there.

Developers have long known that Door County lakefront property is gold, and they
have been mining it for decades. Now it looks like some local political leaders are realizing that as well.

The Village of Sister Bay was braced for a three-story condominium complex to be built almost on top of its downtown municipal beach when members of its board of trustees began wondering: If this property is so valuable, why don't we buy it ourselves?

So they did.

This little village with a full-time population of just over 800 and an annual budget of $2.7 million is about to become the proud owner of 371.36 feet of shoreline on northern Green Bay. Cost: $4.9 million.

"That's a large amount of money for the local people," said village Trustee Andrew Nocker. "Yet for me, right from the very beginning, it was a straightforward thing. It was a one-time opportunity. It will not ever come again."

Just three days before a rival suitor was scheduled to appear before the village Planning Commission last month to unveil plans for a new condominium complex and hotel, the village trustees swooped in and grabbed the land.

Rather than bring in a new business, a new revenue source for the County, a new tourist destination, new development, progress, innovation, anything of the sort, Sister Bay decided to, as the Journal Sentinel so accurately describes it, "swoop in," and purchase land they didn't need with a price tag they can't afford.

Door County has plenty of "undeveloped" land. Sister Bay is claiming that they needed to buy this property to ebb the flow of those awful condos and resorts (you know, the ones bringing in young professionals, providing jobs, and increasing corporate tax revenues) and to create yet another beach for the area. Completely unnecessary, but that won't stop them. What burns me the most is that there was a developer already lined up and ready to purchase the land, before the Village Board used their positions to their own advantage, pushed him out, and screwed Door County taxpayers a little harder.

With this kind of forward-thinking, this kind of pro-economic development outlook, remind me again why my peers and I should stay in this state after graduation?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This does not suprise me one bit

Mukwonago solider receives Bronze Star for his actions in Iraq

I was a year ahead of Chris at Mukwonago and I played football with him my senior year. We were not close friends or anything like that I have not spoke to him since I left Mukwonago in 1986.

But the first time I read his story in a Milwaukee magazine story I was not surprised one bit by how he reacted and how he has carried on after being wounded.

As Matty as B5 says Chris Cook is someone you should know.


Who should we listen to on Iraq?

A group of politicians giving into public pressure or someone who actually knows what they're talking about?

You decide.

H/T: Redstate

Time on the Ground in Iraq

Petraeus: Approximately 2 years, 4 months total. Nine months as commander of 101st Airborne, 15 months training Iraq Security Forces, more than 4 months as Commander of Multinational Force Iraq.

Reid: Less than 48 hours (March 21-22, 2005)

Years of Military Experience

Petraeus: 33 (after his graduation from West Point in 1974). Petraeus is a master parachutist and is air assault and ranger qualified.

Reid: None

Military Decorations

Petraeus: Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal (twice), Defense Superior Service Medal (twice), Legion of Merit (four times), Bronze Star Medal for valor, State Department Superior Honor Award, NATO Meritorious Service Medal, Gold Award of the Iraqi Order of the Date Palm, Combat Action Badge; French, British, and German Jump Wings.

Reid: None

Counterinsurgency Planning

Petraeus: U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Manual, 282 pages

Reid: “Real Security: Protecting America And Restoring Our Leadership In The World,” 103 words

Weapons Caches Discovered

Petraeus: Under his command, Coalition forces have discovered 441 weapons caches since January 2007. As MNF-I has pointed out, every time you take weapons out of the terrorists hands you save lives.

Reid: None

Post Offices Re-named

Petraeus: None

Reid: 11 this year

Coming Soon to Broadway: "Howard Dean: The Play"

(HT Allah)

Well, at one-time this year I wanted to go to New York, but admitted not to see something like this.

Who knew political drama was so . . . theatrical? A play about David Frost's interview with Richard Nixon just nabbed a Tony for best actor. A stage bio of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun is in the works. Now comes word that another unlikely subject may be headed for Broadway this fall: Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign.

Last week, Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal did a private reading of "Farragut North" (written by playwright and former Dean campaigner Beau Willimon) about the presidential hopes of a charismatic, unorthodox candidate and his staff. The 26-year-old "Brokeback Mountain" star would play the idealistic young communications director sabotaged by old political dogs with dirty tricks, reports the New York Post. If he's cast, it would be Gyllenhaal's Broadway debut.

"Jake was a big campaign supporter of mine, so I hope he takes it," Dean told us yesterday. "But I want him to play me." The DNC chairman likes the concept -- "Hell, I'll go to it" -- even if it includes his famous scream. "I'd like to see him do that."
Besides working for Dean's campaign, Willimon has worked for Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Bill Bradley, and probably enough liberal Democrats in New York City to keep him busy writing plays about their campaigns.

One can already imagine the hook-up scenes. The known cheating on your boy or girlfriend back home, without a shred of guilt between either party. Tons of drama there.

Obvious fact here, but I'll point it out for those who don't know DC. The name "Farragut North" is no doubt intentional. It's the Metro stop on the Red Line all the K-Street lobbyists use.

It will open just in time for people to start talking Tony nominations. Though, it will be quite the climb for Gyllenhaal since "Bubble Boy."


Friday, June 15, 2007

On Building the Border Fence:

If Krauthammer's on board with it, then I'm on board with it, too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WEAC: "Don't Blame Us, We Only Teach the Kids"

Out-going President of WEAC Stan Johnson, realizing that controlling the Governor, the State Senate, and DPI cooking the books for his outfit still hasn't hidden the truth, his union employs some bad teachers.

(I said "some" Jay!)

So, to hide this fact, Johnson lashes out at the source of his ill-will; the Federal "No Child Left Behind" Act.
WEAC President Stan Johnson issued this statement following the announcement that 45 schools and the Milwaukee Public School District have not made “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) according to the list mandated by the so-called No Child Left Behind Law:

“This list of schools not meeting so-called adequate yearly progress does not help our great teachers and education support professionals do what really helps children learn in the classroom. Accountability should include multiple measures to evaluate learning – not just the results from reading and mathematics tests. Within five to six years nearly every school in Wisconsin and in the nation will be identified as in-need of improvement under the ESEA’s unrealistic expectations.”

“This AYP list does not address the societal gaps that make learning more difficult for disadvantaged students, especially our youngest learners. The No Child law requires school districts to give tests developed for regular education students to many students with disabilities and non-English speaking students.”

Adequate yearly progress (AYP) is one provision in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), federal laws that govern education. This act is up for reauthorization in 2007.

“We know what works in Wisconsin: Great teachers and staff, small class sizes, one-on-one attention, ongoing teacher training and mentoring, up-to-date books and learning materials, parental involvement and community support. Not mandates and punishments handed down from Washington, D.C.”
Stan, can we put you on record as being for the elimination of the Department of Education? Because, that sure sounds like a win-win situation to everyone involved.

Of course, what Johnson hates is the mandates that come with NCLB, not the money that comes along with it. And if you'd ask him, Johnson would tell you we 'need' the Department of Education. Because teachers unions want the bank open, just no means to ensure the money's well-spent.

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Editorial Idiocy

The Racine Journal Times editorial board is at it again. Their love affair with tax increases and Governor Tax and Fee increases, uh Doyle, is really out of control.

I’m publishing this here rather than at
RDW as this editorial no doubt will make its rounds in one form or another to every other paper in the state.

This thing needs to be addressed bit by bit.

Keep a perspective during budget debate

A $58 billion state budget remained mostly intact last week as it headed out of the state’s Joint Finance Committee and now goes to the Senate and Assembly.

There it will undoubtedly get serious makeovers from state Republicans who control the Assembly and state Democrats who control the Senate. Reconciling those disparate versions will be the difficult job of a conference committee — and then Gov. Jim Doyle will get one last whack at it with his veto pen.

An amazing work of fiction that will be as well, can you even imagine the horror story of this Frankenstein veto?

Given the split in the control of the state Capitol, there will undoubtedly be some major horse-trading on some tax and fee provisions that Doyle put into the state budget earlier this year to balance the budget.

Tax and fee provisions… Ok JT editors try this on for size. Tax and fee increases. Tax increase, there was that so hard?

Republicans have already lamented tax and fee increases and 23 Republicans in the Assembly, including state Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, have pledged to vote against “any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Ah the Darth Vader of the Journal Times, Robin Vos. They can not write any article or editorial about holding the line on taxes or tax cuts without mentioning the man. This is how I know he is doing a great job.

That means you also look forward to the inevitable radio and television harangues exhorting you to call either your governor, senator or representative to “demand” that they do this or that to block one tax or another. Those messages will come from lobbying groups from affected industries and also political groups.

God forbid, citizen action and disdain against tax increases. Oh the humanity!

And indeed, there are some tax and fee increases in this budget – on everything from cigarettes, an motor vehicle registration to shovelnose sturgeon permits. And on oil companies and hospitals.


The cries will soon get shrill and you’ll hear talk about the “$1.75 billion” in new fees and taxes, no doubt combined with a lament that Wisconsin has become a tax hell.

Wisconsin is a tax hell and has been for years, wake up you idiotic editors (Randy Brandt I'm sure). Shall we ignore the talk about the "$1.75 billion"? Is there something dishonest about that? Implication is so tawdry isn't it?

Before things get too shrill, let’s put some perspective to this. One of the big increase items is the tax on cigarettes which would go rise by $1.25 per pack to $2.02. That tax boost has popular support according to several polls. It would raise $500 million over the two-year life of this budget.

Shrill? I don’t smoke, it is still wrong. How about we put a huge tax increase on news print? Then you would see some shrill!

Another big one is the tax on major oil companies which would be forbidden to be passed on to state motorists. That would generate more than $275 million over the two-year budget period.

The state has admitted they have no way of knowing about this tax being passed on, you are smart enough to know that. However, you are too liberal to admit that. Keep on spinning those Jimmie Doyle talking points…

And a third big one is the hospital tax. That would generate more than $418 million for the state, but it would generate millions of dollars in federal funding for hospitals. After the tax, state hospitals would still have a net increase in revenues of something like $284 million because of increased Medicaid payments.

Someone explain to me again how Doyle campaigned on the issue of lowering health care costs by adding additional taxes onto our health care… He didn’t? Are you sure?

Together those three tax increases account for more than 60 percent of the tax and fee increases in the state budget that is now advancing through the Legislature.

Good, in three easy steps we can get rid of 60% of this nonsense.

Now let’s add another component to this. According to a Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance report last week, Wisconsin is falling, not rising, in the proportion of personal income which go to state and local taxes. In dropped two spots in the ranking of states last year, down to eighth place. And when you look at more expansive cost comparisons – adding in user fees like vehicle registration and university tuition, Wisconsin is not in the top ten states. In the broadest measure of all, comparing states by all money raised by state and local government (but not that coming from Washington), Wisconsin ranked 20th in the country – not even in the top third.

Two whole spots! That certainly was not due to anything we did, if other states raised taxes why in your twisted liberal minds do you think that makes our tax burden any less onerous?

We hope the budget sessions move ahead with solid deliberation and hard work – and without the invective and shrillness that have too often become associated with this process. Yes, there will be honest differences on taxation and the value of various programs and spending, and, yes, there must be compromises.

Shrill = anything conservatives say. Tell me Journal Times editors how many of these tax and fee increases have Joint Finance Committee Democrats been against, including your precious John Lehman? Come on you can say it... Zero.

We would urge that work be done with perspective and with civility.

Lock the conservatives in a closet.

Amazingly the Journal Times got through this whole editorial without mentioning the Proposed KRM rail line... Someone is getting fired over that one.

So to summarize their premise, keeping a perspective on the budget debate:
  • Tax & Fee provisions, good
  • Doyle, good.
  • Health care costs, too low.
  • Republicans, bad.
  • Vos, evil.
  • Smokers, evil.
  • Anyone in opposition, shrill.
  • Wisconsin, not a tax hell.
  • Tax on oil companies, will not come back on consumers.

I can some up this editorial in a much more concise way.

Journal Times Editors, idiots.

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Quick Question

What's the ranking once Doyle's Hospital Tax kicks in?
Led by the performance of its hospitals, Wisconsin was ranked first in the nation in health care quality based on information compiled by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

The ranking - based on 129 quality measures in four different care settings - gave Wisconsin the highest overall score among 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The state's hospitals also were given the highest score in the country.

The information released Monday marked the first year that the agency compiled and released an overall score for each state. The agency has been releasing state information on health care quality for four years.

Wisconsin historically has ranked high in surveys on health care quality.

"Pretty consistently, we are sitting in the top-performing states," said Dana Richardson, vice president of quality for the Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Wisconsin also was among the five best-performing states in ambulatory care and ranked in the top 25% for nursing home care.

Home health care was the anomaly: The state's overall score was 25, far below the scores of 95 for the top performing states, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The annual "State Snapshots" from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are an example of the move by the federal government and others to develop more accurate measures of health care quality - and to make that information available to the public.

re: Odd Google Search

But in fairness, Lance, you are the slowest, wittiest genius I've ever not met.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Odd Google Search

I was the top hit today for somebody's google search on the phrase "slow witted genius," thus half-confirming what my father always thought about me.

Wonder what the googler was looking for.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This Friday the Empress and I went "Up North". Our way "Up North" takes us on HWY 32 through Mountain and the town of Riverview. I was not prepared for what I saw. The photos I present here are taken from the car while moving and maybe even by myself with one hand on the wheel the other trying to capture photos.

There were red pine plantations and those look like a giant lawn mower went through and cut them down. Unfortunately, houses were mixed in with those pines and they suffered quite a bit of damage. We did not stop either on the way Up or the way back but attempted to photograph as best we could. The pictures do not do a very good job conveying the damage actually on the scene.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Where's the Investigation for This?

I demand answers!! I demand a strange, unenforceable definition of price-gouging for the FTC to be given!! I demand press conferences in Washington, Madison, in front of grocery stores, in front of farms.

Dammit, I demand to see Steve Kagen pouring milk...

Wait a minute, did I say 'milk?" That's made in Wisconsin.


Suffer those forces of supply and demand consumers, you're helping the farmers.

Driven up by high transportation costs, an increase in feed prices and even a drought in Australia, the price of milk is likely to rise by up to 40 cents a gallon over the next few months, dairy market forecasters say. Cheese prices could go up by 60 cents a pound.

If the increases occur, a gallon of whole milk would cost an average of $3.78 nationwide, based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's monthly survey of milk prices in 30 metro areas.

Prices in the last survey, in May, ranged from $2.76 a gallon in Dallas to $3.86 in Chicago and $4.09 in New Orleans, where the dairy industry has struggled to bounce back from Hurricane Katrina.

In Wisconsin, whole milk averaged $2.86 a gallon in May, according to a Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation survey. At Pick 'n Save stores in the Milwaukee area, 2% milk was selling for $3.49 a gallon Friday.

Higher gasoline prices have increased the cost of moving milk from farm to market. Also, corn, the primary feed for dairy cattle, is being diverted for the production of the fuel additive ethanol.

"There is no free lunch. That corn has to come away from that dedicated resource," said Michael Hutjens, a University of Illinois Extension dairy specialist.

As early as July, consumers could see price increases for a wide range of foods that use dairy-product ingredients such as cheese, butter and whey.

"I think the shoe could hit the floor anytime now," Hutjens said.

Actually, I'd pay good money to go to the parallel universe where State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) would be going ballistic on "Big Dairy."

That'd be quite a hoot.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Gingrich Predicts Losses in '08

WASHINGTON - Republican Newt Gingrich, in a jab at President Bush, warned on Friday that the GOP will lose the White House and Congress in 2008 if the nominee is perceived as a continuation of the Bush presidency.

...His comments come just days after a Republican presidential debate in which GOP candidates criticized Bush over his handling of the Iraq war, his diplomatic style and his approach to immigration.
Seems like I've read something similar to this before. If only I could remember where.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crack Pow Woooo-Woooo!

The Empress and I were visiting with a friend and her graduating daughter in Menasha this evening in Menasha on Little Lake Butte De Mortes.

The "storm" was in the area but we only had gusty winds no rain, hail, or any such thing. Then all of a sudden a crack and a pow! We all wondered what it was but did not give it much thought and returned to our normal business (I was drinking a Coors and talking with the boyfriend of our friend's oldest daughter).

A little bit later we heard sirens and could tell the vehicle would be going by the house. It was a Winnebago County Sheriff's deputy in an official SUV pulling the Sheriff's boat. Hmmmm. A little bit later a fire engine came pulling a zodiac, hmmmm.

So, finally curiosity got the best of us and we started out and walked down the street towards the water hoping to see out to the commotion. Well, when we got to the bottom of the street we found what the crack-pow was about. It was a tree limb that fell and took out an electrical transformer, perhaps it was a lightning strike but whatever, I know electrical transformers can make a loud sound in their death throes. Th

e electricity in my friend's house was utterly unaffected, but not so for her neighbors.

So we then got to wondering about the boats. Well eventually reports got back to us a sailboat capsized.

Anyway we did not get a drop nor did our little corner in Appleton get a drop but it sounds like parts of Appleton got bucketfuls of rain. How was the storm for you?


Dogs and Cats Living Together

Strange day.

After ranting and raving in 2006 about "Stem Cell Progress" enough he even got the endorsement of Alex P. Keaton in the end days, Cong. Steve Kagen (D-WH Bathroom) missed the vote on it today.


(Might it be that he's from a super-Catholic district and the U.S. Conference of Bishops are urging against this bill in light of yesterday's news about Stem Cell Research?

Actually, he was at his daughter's graduation.)

Then to add to the weirdness, the DCCC issues cookie cutter press releases against Sensenbrenner and Ryan for their votes, but ignores Tom Petri who voted exactly like Jim and Paul did.

Where's the consistency in this game when you expect it?

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Support the Troops: Vote Green!

Another great idea!

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders, preparing for the party's 2007 national meeting in Reading, Pennsylvania, July 12-15, called the Democratic Party a lost cause for Americans who oppose the Iraq War, and urged antiwar voters to support and join the Green Party as the 2008 election year approaches.

Greens said the vote in Congress for full funding of the war amounted to a betrayal of Americans who voted Democrat in 2004 and 2006 in the hopes that a Democratic Congress would work for withdrawal of US troops.
True anti-war voters will abandon the Democrat party, and Vote Green in 2008!

Dear Russ,

Senator Russell Feingold

Lt Dan Johnson
45 Wisconsin Blvd.
Hudson, WI 54016

PH 715-386-0101

DATE: June 7, 2007

Your vote on S. 1348 will affect your immigration grade card. You may have a chance to pull up your grade to a C with the correct vote. If you fail to vote the way over 73% of your constituency feels I'm afraid you will fail and have to be expelled.

Thank You.

If you would like to send your representatives a FAX via an online interface for free go to NumbersUSA Action Buffet.

Lt. Dan @ OTBL

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stem Cell Progress

As Yuval Levin points out, House Democrats plan to send Bush legislation that would ease up on restrictions placed on federally funded, embryonic stem cell research tomorrow. Given Bush's record, he is expected to make the right decision and veto the measure.

Meanwhile the democrats cry foul.
Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., a leading advocate of the legislation, did not dispute that assessment in an interview. "If he does veto it again it will just show his complete unwillingness to look at this research that holds the potential for cure of these diseases," she said.DeGette is wrong. Bush will show is complete unwillingness to destroy human embryos to further research.

DeGette is wrong. By vetoing the legislature, Bush shows his complete unwillingness to destroy human embryos - human life - to further research. There are other options. In fact, recent news shows that major progress is being made.

In a big step toward a long-sought goal, three teams of scientists say they've produced the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, at least in mice, without taking the controversial step of destroying embryos.

Genetic "reprogramming" of mouse cells can create cells that mimic embryonic stem cells, biologists report Wednesday, pioneering a new approach to so-called "regenerative" medicine.

The findings by three teams publishing in the journals Nature and Cell Stem Cell mean the reprogrammed cells may offer a less-controversial way to make rejection-free tissues for transplant patients.

More research does need to be conducted before we know if the reprogramming will work in humans. However, this is a step in the right direction. Instead of pushing for the destruction of life, more time and energy should be expended towards improving this process.


I Love This Idea

Via Ann Althouse: "Why don't they put all the candidates in one debate instead of separating Democrats and Republicans?"

whoever wins is EVENTUALLY going to be pitted against someone from the opposite party....

shouldn't we want to see what they seem like in contrast with their eventual opponent?...

we're having all these 1.5- and 2-hour debates with 8 or 10 people. Why not have a couple 2-hour debates with 18 people each?...

...And the objection can't be: "They're never done it like that before." We've never been in this situation (open field for both parties in presidential primary) in the TV era.
I'll go a step further: what say we randomly choose two candidates from each party to appear, one group at a time, in a series of debates? Guarantee that each candidate will be on...whatever, 2 or 3 times. Some of the debates would have to be of more than 4 people, probably. Somebody else figure that out.

But they don't know - and we don't know - who's going to debate whom until the debate actually begins.

Now that would be fun. Wouldn't you love to see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on the same stage at the same time?

Senate Dems vote for illegal alien rights.

RE: Re: Marlin's Doomsday Plan for America

Gee, what can I say about this that won't jeopardize my position...

"Thanks for your concern and I hope my parents are taken care of" seems about right.

No seriously. I had a good laugh when I read that post by Owen.

First of all, it seems that "Snarlin' Marlin" is quite the fan of the recently resurrected CBS drama "Jericho." Secondly, for a man who's been in government as long as his has been, I'm shocked he's that dumb.

(No, not really.)

COG (Continuation of Government) Plans exist. They're highly classified, meaning only a select few know their details. Executive Orders from the President are constantly being written to ensure the executive branch functions in case COG is needed.

Secondly, the reality of a doomsday plan wiping out every single Cabinet Secretary at once is a pipe dream. They're constantly moving and constantly out of the city. The chances of bagging all of them is nuts. Someone usually survives.

So some aspect of the current administration continues in the form of the surviving Secretary. (See the new Battlestar Galactica.)

Congress is supposed to have it's own COG plan, of which the Executive Branch is not supposed to have a say in succession. Crazy little thing called "Checks and Balances" I suppose.

Elections will happen, it's just a matter of when the country is logistically able to hold them.

As for a Constitutional Amendment: It's overkill. COG plans are supposed to do the job, and let's be honest, sad as it is, the Constitution's going to be an after thought in the moments right after the chaos of the unthinkable.

Finally, most COG plans have some aspect of Martial Law in them; all of them timing out after a period of a month. Schneider's insane if he thinks local authorities can handle the magnitude of the situation. You're going to need a military presence, you're going to need order, and that means Martial Law.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Re: Marlin's Doomsday Plan for America


If Washington DC was wiped out, what good would the Constitution be? The wiping out of DC would mean the loss of the SCOTUS, the Congress, the Administrative, and most importantly Kevin! What would happen then? Even with the amendment, I think the military would impose some rather draconian measures to make sure our federation did not dissolve, to find out what happened and go after those that made it happen, and then to restore things as best as possible. When the last of those items is accomplished I have every confidence the military would step down and continue with its proper role.

I do not fear a permanent state of martial law but those who think if DC is wiped out things will continue on as normal are not visionary they are ostriches. In fact a lot of serious commentators speculate any attack taking out any medium to large US city will precipitate such a response regardless of who is in the Oval Office.


Is this clean, ethical government?

What to do if one of your own is indicted on federal bribery and racketeering charges, worth more than 200 years in the can?

Deny! Deflect! Point fingers! Take us all back to 2005! Rehash old hearings and charges!

I'm so glad that Ms. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House during my formative academic years to show me what clean, ethical, respectable governing truly is. It's amazing, really.

Marlin's Doomsday Plan for America

I'm glad to see that Snarlin' Marlin has solved all of Wisconsin's problems and is turning his mighty mind to larger issues.

A Wisconsin legislator has a plan to help America recover from

Representative Marlin Schneider, a Wisconsin Rapids Democrat, is
sending a letter to the state's congressional delegation today.

It asks for a Constitutional amendment barring martial law, a military
coup or a dictatorship if Washington, D.C. was wiped off the map.

Schneider says governors should appoint the next chief executive if the
president and his Cabinet are killed.

He also wants a Constitutional amendment allow each state legislature
to appoint a new congressman to replace any killed in Washington.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Because I Haven't Pissed Off Enough Republicans Lately...

I’ve been sitting on this story for a few days now because I’ve been trying to figure out the truth. Basically, something is likely to happen within the next few weeks, but I have utterly divergent opinions on the motivations behind this thing. So I’m going to tell y’all both stories and let you cogitate on it yourself.

There is a group of powerful Republicans who are planning to form a group to actively impact Republican politics in Wisconsin. These people include Jim Klauser (Tommy’s former right-hand man), Bill McCoshen (Tommy’s former Secretary of Commerce and current lobbyist for the Road Builders), and John Gard (former Assembly Speaker). There are others involved too, but these examples give a hint to the kind of firepower lining up behind this potential group. At this point I don’t think they’ve decided on a particular type of organization (527, 503c, etc.)

Story #1

As several Republicans watched the GOP get clobbered in last year’s election, they noticed the effective impact that several Democrat groups had on the election. Groups like One Wisconsin Now and FAIR Wisconsin were effective in doing opposition research, organizing grass roots, and helping to drive their issues. These kinds of groups don’t really exist for Republicans.

This thought process was underlined after the Ziegler election, where One Wisconsin Now’s research into Justice Ziegler’s judicial record effectively knocked the campaign off message and into a defensive posture.

So these Republicans decided that it would be a good idea to create and fund a group to be active in tight races with opposition research and such in order to help get more Republicans elected.

Story #2

A cabal of former Tommyites are frustrated with the current Assembly leadership for their failure to control the caucus. The conservatives in the Assembly who refuse to toe the leadership’s line are getting in the way of passing a budget that would pump money to the road builders. The road builders think that they got screwed by Republicans when they repealed the automatic gas tax increase and are throwing all of their weight behind reshaping the Assembly GOP Caucus into something more acquiescent to their goals.

The road builders would pump money into this new group in a long-term strategy to get “their people” elected and put in leadership.

What do I think?

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, but leaning to story #2. I think that some of the people involved are operating under the rationale of story #1. But there is a major flaw with this line of thinking. There are already a few groups in Wisconsin who are working the grassroots in just this manner. Club for Growth Wisconsin and Americans for Prosperity come to mind. If these leading Republicans want to do this, they would be better off pumping money into these existing groups and gaining the benefit of concentration of force.

This leads me to think that the real issue is that of control. These Republicans don’t want to put money into existing grassroots groups because they want control. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why would they control? What are these groups doing that the new group would do differently?

It occurs to me that both Club for Growth Wisconsin and Americans for Prosperity are decidedly conservative organs. Both organizations are very active with the grassroots and have been effective in moving people in support of conservative issues – particularly fiscal issues.

This leads me to conclude that the Republicans who want a new group must want to push a different brand of Republicanism – more Tommy’s brand than Reagan’s. When one looks at the cast of characters involved, it includes a number of people who have never been unkind to the road builders and other big government ideas.

Like I said, I don’t know the whole truth - even my tentacles only reach so far. But given what I know, I tend to think that story #2 is closer to the truth, but that there are good people being sucked in with story #1. I would encourage the Republicans behind this to not diffuse resources and channel their money and activism through groups that are already on the ground.

Cross posted @ B&S

Shouldn't that head line read "Illegal immigrant cop"

Nope no bias at the MJS

Let me explain something to the head line writer at the MJS, if he was an Immigrant Cop he would not be under arrest.

Just a thought.


New BBA Blood.

Say hey to Rebecca Knotowicz folks. We've added her into the BBA Probie ranks.

Rebecca screamed onto the blog scene as a columnist on Front Page Milwaukee and has recently become a contributing author at the Texas Hold 'Em blog.

Rebecca is that oddest of all entities a UW Milwaukee Journalism student who is not only bright, but she is insightful and conservative!

How do you stand it down there anyway Rebecca?

Hey what do you know?

They are finally coming down with an indictment on William Jefferson (D) Louisiana.

Ok, let's see how they spin this one on the republican Culture of Corruption. Another re-elected scandal ridden dem from the party that re-elects their criminals...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kane only likes democracy when his side has the numbers

Great line from the MJS race baiter in his column on illegal guns.

This was a mainly white crowd of NRA supporters or sympathizers, which wasn't exactly what bill supporters had hoped for when they persuaded state Sen. G. Spencer Coggs to hold a hearing on the north side of Milwaukee.

Sorry Eugene but that is how democracy works if the White folks are willing to get off their asses and drive all the way to 27th and North for the meeting it is not their fault they outnumbered the people who live right by the meeting site.

Why should I have more rules/laws put on my gun ownership in response to crimes committed by thugs on the North Side of Milwaukee. Every one of the apologist for what is going on on the North Side of Milwaukee wants blame the gun. Not the people committing the crime, not the Gang Thug Culture that glorifies the violence.

Eugene I have enough guns of various types to take out a good city block if I chose to. I am a gun owner not a gun lover as you like to call us but unlike the thugs who are killing people on the North side I believe in and follow the "Rule of Law"

That is the difference Eugene when I get upset I do not go grab my "nine"(weak ass round it was designed to kill Europeans) and go looking to get me some respect.

Keep ignoring the real reason why the North Side is a war zone, keep teaching your children the Police are the enemy and that "Stop Snitching" is a slogan to be proud of.

But stop whining that gun owners are better at practicing democracy then you would have them be.

I wonder does Eugene complain when WEAC gets their members to go and fill the room when their are hearings on education or when the Union thugs get their members to make their opinions heard on issues that they support.

It is not the guns that are destroying the North side of Milwaukee Eugene and until you realize that you are part of the problem.

Chris 2

An Anniversary Worth Celebrating...

Since my own blog is now officially gone, I guess this is the only place I can say this to you all.


In case some of you might have forgotten, exactly one year ago today, my dad went into St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee and had a heart transplant.

Last Thanksgiving, a day many of my siblings thought wouldn't have included him given the severity of his Congestive Heart Failure, the universal thing were thankful for was summed up best in as simple a statement as this.

"I'm thankful the old man got a new heart."

So thanks to all of you who sent the kind words, your thoughts, and prayers.

To celebrate the one-year mark, those in my family who are able to come home, will be having a party this afternoon. That won't include me since my schedule won't allow it.

I'll be calling shortly to congratulate my father for making the one-year mark. There I'll tell him what I hope to tell him in person next year; that I'm grateful he's my dad, and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Have a good Sunday folks.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

RE: Might as well ask for my own helicopter.


When I saw that unveiled on the news the other day, my only thought was "Alright, Star Trek: TNG" computer."

That's all this is. Science Fiction, now becomes Science Fact once again.

Indoctrinate U

You may have heard of this new documentary about "the anti-intellectual, intolerant culture of our nation's campuses" toward non-conforming thought and opinion.

I watched the trailer, and wasn't terribly impressed. But what do I know? Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit keeps hawking it. And other conservatives have given it great reviews.

Website says they'll try to arrange screenings anywhere 500 people sign up at the website. So I did, just because I think it would be fun. I'm gonna see how many hits I can give them from Baraboo, but it would be a lot easier to get 500 in Madison. And that would be fun, too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Might as well ask for my own helicopter.