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Monday, July 31, 2006

Tee Bee's Bees

The video is up!

In case you hadn't heard, I visited Tee Bee on Friday to document her beekeeping. I've always wanted to see what it's like to work with bees. Surprisingly, I never heard a sound out of them until they wanted me to!

Big thanks to Tee Bee, for letting me shove that rude camera in her face. I think we managed to cover a lot of good topics. You should see some things that you didn't know before. I know that she taught us a lot of new things.

So, what's next? Does anyone know a butcher I can shadow?

Hey, Madison!

If our elected representatives are reading, I think I've come up with two important pieces of legistation today.

First, on the heels on the Chicago "big box mart" fiasco, this state should take action to protect the citizens from any city (ahem... Milwaukee... Madison...) that might try to emulate the windy city. Milwaukee, especially, needs to ride out its bad economic policy before it tries to shoot itself in the foot again. From the state level, there ought to be a way to keep municipalities from adjusting the minimum wage of one business over another, especially if they are similar businesses!

My second idea was inspired by my lawn mower, which is brand new this year and has been used maybe five times because I'm really lazy. This is the second time I've had difficulty starting my brand new lawnmower, and I suspect that it's partially because my two-month-old gas is all jellified. I would really like to see non-additive straight gas at the pump for small engines. There's no reason to be dumping reformulated gasoline into lawnmowers, snow plows, and weed trimmers. There's probably also no big difference if you use straight gas in a motorcycle. All of these devices use very little gasoline anyway, and they seem most effected by the custom blend in this region.

If we can buy "race gas" here in West Allis, I think we ought to also be able to find "appliance gas." I know that I'm already planning to ditch my lawnmower for an electric model. I don't need the horsepower for my postage stamp lot. And, the state doesn't need my additional gas tax money if they can't provide me with quality service.

Hey, wouldn't it also be great to see the price of "normal gas" right up on the sign next to the reformulated junk?

February 4th, 1996

It is going to be a steaming hot day all across the state today. Some of you out there will experience the ever elusive triple digit temperature. As Wisconsinites, it is our birthright to complain about the weather whenever it isn't 75 degrees and sunny. As you puddle in the heat and humidity today, do remember that it could be much worse. On February 4th, 1996, it was 55 degrees below zero in Couderay, WI. If that shiver down your spine doesn't console you, try this on for size. On July 13, 1936, it was 114 degrees in the Wisconsin Dells. To give you some idea how hot that is, subtract 14 degrees from today's 100 degree highs and think about how much more comfortable 86 would be. See? It could be worse.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Big oil, big government

Since "Big Oil" is probably going to be part of the Doyle attempts at re-election, the Green campaign may as well make this a "Big Government" issue. After all, Big Government is keeping a larger part of the gas price pie than "Big Oil."

Link corrected

It's nice to see that the media is finally catching up

It's not new news to blog readers, but the paper has finally caught onto the New Berlin Alderman that refuses to use email with his constituents. They of course don't go into detail or even place the blame for the media involvement properly, for that you will have to come to

This has also been on the radio, first with Jessica McBride (before the email flap, it was about New Berlin taxes) then with Mark Belling, when he banned his part time guest host, Jim Gatzke, from being on his show anymore.

For the Record

If something should happen to Jib, I do not want to be named Head Dumbass of the BBA.

Still Needing a Date for BBA Invasion of State Fair

I want to nail down the date for the second-annual BBA invasion of the Wisconsin State Fair. The dates I suggested were Aug. 5 and 12. Now that we're closer to the dates I'd prefer Aug. 12. I'm sure Kevin would prefer the twelfth so it wouldn't interfere with Sheboygan's Brat Days. But if people have already made plans for the fifth that's doable for me. Leave a comment or e-mail me at sean--at--theamericanmind--dot--com, or I'm assuming you like Aug. 12th.

The invasion will simply be a meet-and-greet at the microbrew tent. We'll drink some of Wisconsin's finest malt beverages while putting faces to weblogs. Just stop by to say, "hi" or challenge one of us to a deep, philosphical debate on what pajamas work best for weblogging. Judging by these pictures everyone had a good time last year. As a bonus and incentive for webloggers and readers to show up I'll be giving away a prize for the most "interesting" food on a stick you find.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My First Moonbat

I got my first pet moonbat today, and I'm already sick of it.

I think I'm going to starve him to death.

Friday, July 28, 2006

What am I talking about?

...let's not be Democrats about this. It's not enough to hope bad things happen to the other side. Our side has to do good things. It's not enough to wait for the stars to align. We have to be proactive. Make it happen. Don't wait for the other guy to fail.
Find out here.

Hawk Signs!

JS Online:Packers reach accord with Hawk:

The Green Bay Packers' first-round draft choice agreed to terms on a six-year contract, his agent told the Journal Sentinel late this afternoon. The deal guarantees that the Packers will have their top pick in camp on the first weekend of training camp and alleviates any concerns that he would fall behind in learning the defensive system.
How is it I managed to post this first?

What? Am I the only one who spends Friday night at his computer?

No charges for Michael McGee/Jackson

Just disgraceful! E. Michael McCann(t)'s office is terrified if the McJackson's. What would it take for him (or anyone else in his office) to have the balls to hold a McGee accountable? How many more decades do we have to look forward to this District Attorneys office appeasing and supporting criminals?

JS Online: DayWatch
For the second time in four days, the Milwaukee County district attorney's office announced this afternoon that Milwaukee Ald. Mike McGee will not face criminal prosecution over his actions during a series of restraining-order hearings concerning his former mistress.

A four-page letter from Assistant District Attorney Thomas Potter says the "inherent vagueness" of McGee's denial that he ever had a "romantic" relationship with Kimley Rucker, with whom he later admitted an affair, and the denial that he ever personally had a e-mail account, which he later said he and members of his organization used, precluded charging McGee with perjury for either denial.

Letter from District Attorneys Office

I am just disgusted with this D.A.'s office, the entire office! And even though the head apologist for Milwaukee's political corruption, E. Michael McCann(t) is leaving office (FINALLY), his hand picked man, John Chisholm, is going to stroll into the seat, but I'll be damned if a McCann flunky will get my vote! The only two other people running are a defense attorney Lew Wasserman and a civil rights attorney Larraine McNamara-McGraw, and as far as I am concerned right now, either of these two would be more deserving of my vote, at least with these two, you would expect them to favor the criminal!

Before you Chisholm people resend the emails telling me how tough John Chisholm is...STUFF IT! I have heard it and don't believe that anyone in this District Attorneys Office is in the least bit competent!

If it wasn't for Steve Biskupic, no one in this community would ever be held accountable for crimes they commit, but it is a shame that we have to rely on the Federal Prosecutor to clear up the D.A.'s screw ups as well as going after all of the public corruption cases that this District Attorney has overlooked for more than three decades!

Whither Liberty Part II

Part of the carryover conversation from Whither Liberty - At Government's Feet or at Its Head? was a discussion of exactly what government should be responsible.

I began with the federal government and delineated what I thought they should be responsible for:

A. Provide for the common defense

1. Support the states in preparing for civil and national defense

B. Promote the general welfare
1. Support commerce through minimal transportation organization and
2. Provide minimal regulation of commerce, seeking to ally states and never to trump them unless civil or national defense are jeopardized by a state's action or law
3. Ensure significant property ownership rights
4. Ensure significant self-protection rights
5. Ensure that taxation never rests inequitably
6. Ensure that taxation never rests heavily or accretes more to the federal government than to the states

C. Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity
1. Provide reasonable order to the judicial process, explicitely ensuring that no laws contradict Constitutional laws
2. Provide minimal support and framework for states to provide education

Without a working framework of what you believe government should have the power to do, how can you support legislation and candidates?

More importantly, how can you influence them?


Thursday, July 27, 2006

A free slogan Idea for the Green Team

After being forced to watch that lie filled Diamond Jim Ad that ends with the stupid line of

"Mark Green Too Extreme to be Governor"

I though of a great tag line Green could end his attack ads on Diamond Jim.


I like the way that one roles off the tongue don't you all?

Feel free to use that one Green Team.

Chris SH2

Red Fridays

I have a heart filled story that I said I would pass on to the Badger Blog Alliance. It was an email passed on to one of the participants at OnTheBorderLine. It goes as follows:

Red Friday

Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport returning home, I heard several people behind me begin to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen.

Moving through the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate everyone(well, almost everyone: went abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably thirty-forty of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I’m not alone. I’m not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families.

Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for those young unsung heroes, who are putting their lives on the line every day for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear of reprisal.

Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of our service men and women, a young girl not more than six of seven years old ran up to one of the male soldiers. He kneeled down and said “Hi”. The little girl then asked him if he would give something to her Daddy for her.

The young soldier, who didn’t look any older than maybe twenty-two himself, said he would try, and what did she want to give her daddy? Then suddenly the little girl grabbed the neck of the soldier, gave him the biggest hug she could muster, and then kissed him on the cheek.

The mother of the little girl, who said her daughter’s name was Courtney, told the young soldier that her husband was a Marine who had been in Iraq for eleven months now. As the mother was explaining how much Courtney missed her father, the young soldier began to tear up.

When this temporarily single mom was done relating her situation, all of the soldiers huddled together for a brief second. Then one of the servicemen pulled out a military looking walkie-talkie. They started playing with the device and talking back and forth on it.

After about ten or fifteen seconds of this the young soldier walked back over to Courtney, bent down and said this to her. “I just spoke to your Daddy, he told me to tell you that he loves you more than anything and he is coming home very soon.” The mom at this point was crying almost uncontrollably and as the young soldier stood to his feet, he saluted Courtney and her mom. I was standing no more than six feet away from this entire event.

As the soldier began to head towards their gate, people resumed their applause. As I stood there applauding and looked around, there were very few dry eyes, including my own. That young soldier in the last act of selflessness, turned around and blew Courtney a kiss with a tear rolling down his cheek.

We need to remember every day all the soldiers and their families, and thank God for them and their sacrifices. At the end of the day, it’s good to be an American.

RED FRIDAY’S! Very soon you’ll see a great many people wearing red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called “silent majority”. We no longer silent and are voicing our love for God, country, and home in record breaking numbers. We’re not organized, boisterous, and overbearing. We get no liberal media coverage on TV to reflect our messages or opinions.

Many Americans like you, and me, and all of our friends simple want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops with dignity and respect, starts this Friday and continues each and every Friday until our troops have all come home. Sending a deafening message that every red-blooded American who supports our men and women afar will wear something red.

Best Way Promotions would like to send “I Support Out Troops!” buttons to everyone that wants them. Go to to see the designs. They are FREE! Tell us how many you will need. Our fax number is 507-896-4147.

Let’s tell the world we support our troops!!!

Story at OnTheBorderLine.

How will Barrett treat his students?

Remember how we were all assured by the UW that Kevin Barrett would allow open discussions?

Remember how they said students would be free to challenge his viewpoints?

A reporter didn't even challenge him--the article the reporter wrote just rubbed Barrett the wrong way.

Barrett retaliated.

Free to challenge, huh.

Dueling AG candidates

Let me remind everyone of the BBA policy of not endorsing any Republican Candidate during primaries but I don't think this post breaks that Prime Directive.

That being said I though I would cross post this over here a flury of AG emails this afternoon got me thinking(I know very dangerous thing me thinking) so here we go.

I received dueling emails for both camps touting their latest endorsements. Van Hollen is telling us he is Tommy Thompson's man for AG While the Bucher camp called that raise with a former Republican Governor of their own saying Bucher has Lee Dreyfus endorsement. I guess that is a push isn't it.

You all know how I feel about Tommy and I have actually met Governor Dreyfus socially a couple of times(We both belonged to the same Masonic lodge)While I like him and he is a good man I don't agree with everything he says either.

I am finally ready to say something about the Attorney Generals Race, I don't care which one of them wins the primary either one would be much better as the AG then either one of the current Leftist candidates.

I guess I may lean towards Bucher since he is from the same tribe as me(Waukesha Conservatives) and all politics are tribal at the core. But I also understand how hard it is to sell a Southeastern Wisconsin Conservative candidate to Outstate Republicans, our brand of conservatism scares them. Doesn't it still unnamed Outstate Rep who called us all Charlie Sykes Stormtroopers(no I haven't forgot about that I hold a grudge to the death)but I digress.

Van Hollen will probably play better outstate but will he fire up the we southeast people who do make up a pretty damn big voting block.

This primary has just made me even more happy that the Walker vs Green Civil war didn't happen. That is the one thing that sucks about primaries, if both candidates are good conservative who wants to attack someone who thinks like they do. I have no problems attacking Liberal and Moderate Republicans but most of big state wide primary's seem to be Conservative on Conservative. So we end up back at it becoming region vs region or tribe vs tribe.

I guess what I am saying is I am going to support which ever of them wins the primary Van Hollen or Bucher but it may be time to flip the coin in September when I am forced to do it.

Once again I ask, Malaise anyone?

I just cannot get up for this race may come general election time when I know who is on my team and who we are playing. Odd for me to not have any passion about a race as important as this, but it is what it is.


Wisconsin, the most average state in the Union

Congratulations, my fellow Wisconsinites. You're just average.

In fact, a politician looking for that mythical microcosm -- the most typical state in the country -- should look no further than Wisconsin.

The Badger State comes closer than any other to state-by-state averages on 12 key measures, according to a new analysis by CNN Polling Director Keating Holland that takes a fresh look at U.S. Census data.

"For years, politicians who put the presidential calendar together have wrestled with the question of which states really are the most typical or more representative of the country," Holland said. "Here is one way to determine that."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sex Predator information

Kudos to Franklin for keeping up the pressure on the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) and the state of Wisconsin in our fight to rid our neighborhoods of sexual predators. This particular issue stems from this springs surprise discovery that notorious, four time convicted pedophile Billy Lee Morford had been traveling across town several times a week to visit a home in Franklin. This Franklin home was the location of his DHFS approved "chaperone" and it also was discovered that Morford was also arrested in 1994 of trying to entice a 10 year old boy into a sex act.

** Information about Morford's probation agent: He too, is a pervert!
Morford's Department of Corrections probation agent, and on March 30 2006, he was himself charged with Lewd and Lascivious behavior, "alleged conduct allegedly occurring in public view in Estabrook Park in Milwaukee in the middle of Thursday afternoon on May 18, 2006, which case is pending."
--From page 9 of the press release

This man works for the DOC, he works closely with a notorious sex predator, and he has done this? Tell me why we should not be notified of where these chaperone's are located, since these predators can spend time at their houses, but as Steve said, "The State doesn't believe you ought to know because "it's part of the treatment plan."

The following is from Franklin Alderman Steve Olson's website, you can download the full text of the petitions from his site. This should help tighten the rules on these released Ch. 980 Sexually Violent Persons (SVP) as well as the chaperones that these SVP's are released to.

The City of Franklin has taken a legal step to determine what practices and rules are in place and used by the Department of Health and Family Services, the Department of Corrections and the Sand Ridge Secured Treatment Facility to manage and treat Sexually Violent Persons.

Today a "Petition for Declaratory Ruling" was filed with each of those departments seeking a declaration on several issues. They include:

- A declaration of rules used to manage SVP's on supervised release

- Policies and rules regarding notification to the community for release of SVP's.

- Whether sole use of a DOC database satisfies the Chapter 980 requirements to notify Police Chiefs.

- A release of names of "chaperones" of SVP's along with their addresses. (There could be a chaperone of one of these guys living next door to you.)

- A ruling on whether or not "tinkering" and "puttering" constitute employment under the statutes.

Cross Posted @

Carnival of the Badger reminder

Dean is hosting the Carnival of the Badger this week, submissions are due today.

Need details?

Rove And La Raza

Cross-posted at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger.

Hat tip to Right On The Right.

When we’re not looking, the White House sends top presidential advisor Karl Rove to meet with La Raza, the Hispanic supremacist and entitlement advocacy group.

Just why would President Bush send his right-hand man to meet with a group which was in part responsible for all the offensive mass protests in support of illegal aliens that clogged America’s streets earlier this year?

Apparently once again the President demonstrates his political tin ear when it comes to issues that matter to his base and his party’s base. Appeasing the pro-illegal and open borders crowd seems to be so important that the White House will send Rove to meet with an overtly racist group.

Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.) writes an exclusive to Human Events Online about the nature of La Raza, which translates to The Race.

Behind the respectable front of the National Council of La Raza lies the real agenda of the La Raza movement, the agenda that led to those thousands of illegal immigrants in the streets of American cities, waving Mexican flags, brazenly defying our laws, and demanding concessions.

Key among the secondary organizations is the radical racist group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA), one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.

One of America’s greatest strengths has always been taking in immigrants from cultures around the world, and assimilating them into our country as Americans. By being citizens of the U.S. we are Americans first, and only, in our national loyalties.

This is totally opposed by MEChA for the hordes of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders, to whom they say:

“Chicano is our identity; it defines who we are as people. It rejects the notion that we…should assimilate into the Anglo-American melting pot…Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecas … It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest, brutally stolen from a Mexican people marginalized and betrayed by the hostile custodians of the Manifest Destiny.” (Statement on University of Oregon MEChA Website, Jan. 3, 2006)

Let’s see: Bush wants to meet with a group which has among its member groups an organization which supports carving a separate racist nation out of the southwestern United States.

It gets worse. Here’s the closing motto for the MEChA:

For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.

Translated, it means: “For The Race, everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”

Norwood continues:

That closing two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all …

If these morally sickening MEChA quotes were coming from some fringe website, Americans could at least console themselves that it was just a small group of nuts behind it. Nearly every racial and ethnic group has some shady characters and positions in its past and some unbalanced individuals today claiming racial superiority and demanding separatism. But this is coming straight from the official MEChA sites at Georgetown University, the University of Texas, UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Colorado, University of Oregon, and many other colleges and universities around the country.

MEChA was in fact reported to be one of the main organizers of those street demonstrations we witnessed over the past weeks. That helps explain why those hordes of illegal immigrants weren’t asking for amnesty — they were demanding an end to U.S. law, period. Unlike past waves of immigrants who sought to become responsible members of American society, these protesters reject American society altogether, because they have been taught that America rightfully belongs to them.

MEChA and the La Raza movement teach that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as “Aztlan” — a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America. As such, it belongs to the followers of MEChA. These are all areas America should surrender to “La Raza” once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority, as in Los Angeles. The current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished.

This plan is what is referred to as the “Reconquista” or reconquest, of the Western U.S.

But it won’t end with territorial occupation and secession. The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of “Aztlan.”

In other words, MEChA and La Raza by extension are the Hispanic equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan.

Would Bush have sent Rove to the annual conference of the KKK? Of course not.

Then what is the purpose of meeting with this bunch of racists and hatemongers? Other than to appease the kook fringe Left on illegal immigration.

And by extension stick his middle finger up at his base and his party’s base, the people who elected him.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Culture Clash

From Grouchy Old Cripple via An Ol' Broad's Ramblings:

Memo to American pacifists (read: naive suckers): the Islamofascists will behead you just as soon as they will behead me.

Try not to spit your beverage all over your computer...

...when you read this paragraph in the Journal Sentinel story about Russ Feingold's new health care "plan":

The senator's proposal lacks detail, leaving that to state lawmakers. Feingold said his plan is unrelated to a possible presidential bid.

Gwen Moore for Gun Seizures

This shouldn't be a shock to anyone, but of the eight members of the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation, only Gwen "I Got a Microphone and I know how to use it!" Moore voted against the "Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006."

It's better known as the law to prevent what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina - where law enforcement confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens - from happening again.

The Roll Call
is here. It passed on a vote of 322-99.

Other Gun Grabbers (no quote marks needed) included Rahm Emanuel who's job is to elect Democrats to the House this November, Nancy Pelosi, and Dennis Kucinich.

It now heads to the Senate. Neither Wisconsin Senator has said how they'd vote when it comes to protecting your right to defend yourself in a time of chaos and governmental anarchy.

Makes me wish the question of this bill would come up tomorrow in that WI-08 forum in Appleton. Show where the candidates stand on this important protection.

It won't, but a man can dream.

Where is The Greater Wisconsin Committee Website?

After hearing the new Coalition for American Families anti Jim Doyle radio ad I went looking for their website I found it in about 5 seconds.

Try doing that with Jim Doyles Band of Shadow Puppets. Google The Greater Wisconsin Committee. I did I cannot find a website for them. Hmmmm what are they so ashamed of don't they want to tell people their mission statement for making Wisconsin Greater?

Come on Xoff why no website we all know you guys can afford one.

What's a matter are you all afraid of the light over there at GWC.

If anyone can find a website for GWC let me know I will put up a link here just to be fair since I put up COAF's.

Chris SH2

Monday, July 24, 2006

Go Ahead, Label Me

I've issued a challenge to the moonbats who frequent Jenna's blog.

I've always been extremely frustrated with political correctness because it's a one way street. So, I've taken the idea and turned it on its ear.

For a brief period, I jokingly called myself a European American. Then, I realized that I have as much in common with Europe as most African Americans do with Africa. There must be a better term for me, a more accurate and less stereotyping one, one that truly expresses my roots. Then, it hit me: I am a Native American!

I think you're going to get a kick out of reading my argument

Sunday, July 23, 2006

That wasn't a Snickers bar...

Umm, yuck.
Baraboo's outdoor pool was shut down for vacuuming, treatment with extra chlorine and a scrub down Thursday evening after someone left an unpleasant gift in it.

"I'm sure it was just some fecal contamination why they had to shut it down to clean up," said Recreation Director Tim O'Keefe.

About 5 p.m. pool staff shut it down after they noticed human waste in the water, said Jim Wayman, pool manager. He does not know who is responsible but is sure the culprit was a child.

Lance, what were you up to around 5 pm on Thursday?

" children's opportunity and success and happiness don't depend on what somebody else is willing to do."

This kinda' makes the case for concealed carry.

8 grocery employees stabbed in Tennessee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --A knife-wielding grocery store employee attacked eight co-workers Friday, seriously injuring five before a witness pulled a gun and stopped him, police said.

Elartrice Ingram, 21, was charged with nine counts of attempted first-degree murder, police said. The attack apparently stemmed from a work dispute, investigators said.

Five victims, one in critical condition, were admitted to the Regional Medical Center, the main trauma hospital for the Memphis area. Three others were less badly hurt and treated at another hospital.

Ingram, chasing one victim into the store's parking lot, was subdued by Chris Cope, manager of a financial services office in the same small shopping center, Memphis Police Sgt. Vince Higgins said.

Cope said he grabbed a 9mm semiautomatic pistol from his pickup truck when he saw the attacker chasing the victim "like something in a serial killer movie."

"When he turned around and saw my pistol, he threw the knife away, put his hands up and got on the ground," Cope told The Associated Press. "He saw my gun and that was pretty much it."

The rest.

H/T Displaced Ched Head.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Re: Who has a billboard sign we can put this on?

Here's how to rent a billboard in California. The same process should work in Wisconsin.

We need to find a location. Then the company that owns the billboard. (Viacom and Clear Channel are two big names.) Then we can find out how much it would cost us. So if anyone is driving to for from Madison anytime soon keep an eye out for good real estate.

I'm pretty sure the billboard would count as an in-kind contribution. We'd need an election law lawyer to confirm that. A way to structure this might be for form a PAC.

Who has a billboard sign we can put this on?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Judge Recuses Himself

One of our crack investigators, Jack Bauer (aka Twins and Packer Ticket bounty fame), had recently posted about the conflict of interest a local judge was involved with, for dealings in a matter involving the New Richmond School District. The Circuit Court Judge, one Judge Scott Needham has finally recused himself from the case. We reported it originally, June 14th, on OnTheBorderLine.

What and why it took so long is unknown. Was it an ethics charge filed by someone? Was is the pressure from the blog. I would like to think it was the crack reporting of OnTheBorderLine that forced the issue. There was really no other option other than to do what he did, recuse himself.

There was already a part of this case that was resolved. See BREAKING NEWS - New Richmond School District Loses Discrimination Case With Former West Elementary School Principal were the court ruled that Craig Hitchens (see below) had discriminated against a district employee and violated her civil rights . If the second part of this case is ruled in favor of the plaintiff, and it looks like it will, it will cost the tax payers of the New Richmond School District multi-million of dollars due to the insubordination of one Craig Hitchens, the former school superintendent who resigned earlier in the year.

See Me Need'em New Judge.

We of course over at OnTheBorderLine will keep you abrest of the September 8th hearing.

Wow 600K of Indian Casino Money just doesn't buy what it used to.

Not a good day for the Doyle Crime Syndicate and their band of shadow warriors The Greater Wisconsin Committee. $600,000 dollars of the Indian Casinos hard earned money was spent on those sleazy slimy full of lies attack ads. And all it bought Diamond Jim Doyle was 1% point. Ouch babe.

You know what that means at this rate Doyle and his shadow puppets at GWC will have to spend 1.8 million dollars just to get outside of the margin of error of the poll.

They have been running those slime ads on TV and the Radio for a couple of weeks now and the Crook is only leading Congressman Green by 1 point Xoff you are stealing from who ever is paying you.

The Green team has not run one counter ad yet and that tactic seems to be working. Saving their money for after the summer when people are paying attention.

Xoff and the slime merchants at the Greater Wisconsin Committee don't need to worry about that. Not when you have all those Millions from the Casinos they will have all the money they can spend.

But what if the voting people of Wisconsin are not as dumb as Xoff and GWC think they are? What if they see through all the lies and no comments and realize our current governor is a crook? 52% of those polled said Doyle was not doing a good job. That had to leave a mark.

If I were the Indian Casinos and I was spending this kind of money trying to buy Wisconsins government I would be a bit upset at this latest round of results. They should ask Xoff and GWC for a money back guarantee.

Man lets look at that number again 600,00 dollars for a 1 point lead which could be a 2 point deficit. Not so good if your a Doyle supporter.

Everyone should also remember when the Green Team starts to actually fight back later this summer why they have the money to do so. Because Unlike Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker took one for the team and didn't force Mark Green to spend his money in a nasty Primary fight. That one act will be one of the major reasons Jim Doyle is going to lose this election.

600,000 dollars I am just a dumb guy in Oconomowoc and I could have gotten Doyle more than 1 point with that amount of money.

Man its going to be a great run to November.

Hat Tip to Don Charlie and WisPolitics
Chris CP@SH2

"Many of you reading this in the private sector are probably questioning your choice of careers at this point."

Have you read Frank Lasee's column on government employee benefits yet?

If not, WHY NOT?

The Love Boat

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The photoshopping is courtesy of David Lunde.

Hezbollah, exciting and (not so) new (1982).
Come Aboard, Hezbollah’s Americans. We’re expecting you.
Terrorism, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow, 72 dark-eyed virgins float back to you.
The Hezbollah Love Boat soon will be making another U.S. tax-paid run.
The Hezbollah Love Boat promises jihad for everyone.
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new (Hezbollah matchmaker service) romance.
Hezbollah Love won’t hurt anymore. It’s an open smile on the martyrs’ shore.

Love Boat Crew

Cruise Director Julie is the one in the burqa.

Check out Debbie Schlussel’s blog, the original source of the information. Debbie is the author of the parody lyrics for the Hezbollah Love Boat song. Brilliant piece of parody and satire!

Read the rest of it. It’s about the cruise ships transporting Americans out of Lebanon. And burn this into your memory:

You–the U.S. taxpayer–are picking up the $3,000 plus cost per person of ships, helicopters, and other transport of terror-supporting, America-hating Americans back to our shores. The cruise ship for which we’re paying is nothing more than the Hezbollah Love Boat, minus the gratuitous bikini shots, cheesy celeb guests, and Gopher.

Update: received a note from Debbie Schlussel. Correcting the record to indicate she is the author of the parody piece as well as the person who requested the Photoshops from David Lunde.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Eighth.

Has anyone polling data on the GOP runoff for the 8th District?

I know I should have but both candidates have been real hush-hush about it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The 37th Assembly District candidates

Republican Dave Ward is retiring in the 37th Assembly District this year. I don't know very much about the candidates to replace him yet, but here are the six who have tossed their hats in the ring:

*Dennis Lund, (R) Cambridge
*Greg Gasper, (R) Fort Atkinson
*Joseph Hermanny, (R) Lake Mills
*Andy Jorgensen, (D) Fort Atkinson
*Walt Christensen, (D) Fort Atkinson
*Ivan J. Davis, (I) Jefferson

The only thing that I know about these 6 is that Gasper/Gasper's campaign left some literature in my door sometime this afternoon. I'll be doing a little research and will report back here for our readers in the 37th District.

Has Kenosha millionaire purchased Governor Doyle?

We never knew the exact numbers, now we do. Something really fishy has being going on between Governor Jim Doyle and Kenosha millionaire Dennis Troha.

We already knew that Troha has aligned himself very nicely with the out of state Indian Tribes in order to purchase a casino in Kenosha. We also know that Troha will make millions upon millions off the development deal that he has for the Kenosha casino.

So has Troha purchased Governor Jim Doyle?

Here are the details, per AP in the Milwaukee Journal(quote highlighted in blue) and Wisconsin Democracy Campaign(quote highlighted in red)-

In an unusual twist, members of one family represent Doyle’s largest Wisconsin, as well as out-of-state contributors from 2002 through 2005. The family is leading an effort to build a controversial $800 million off-reservation gambling casino in Kenosha, a project that will eventually need a final okay from Doyle if it is approved by federal authorities.

From 2002 to 2005, gambling interests gave Doyle and the Democratic Party almost $1.3 million, while other candidates received almost nothing, an analysis done in February by the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed.

1. Nathan and Tina Cambio of Highland Park, Illinois, who gave Doyle $20,000 each from 2002 through 2005. Tina Cambio is the daughter of Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha (Another $80,000 came from Nathan and Tina Cambio of Highland Park, Ill., over those four years, the report said. Tina Cambio is Troha's daughter)

2. Troha, his wife and eight other family members gave $152,500, the report said.

3. Troha also gave $50,000 to the Democratic Governors Association, and three members of his family gave the state Democratic Party $25,000, the report said.

So, is it any wonder that Governor Jim Doyle vetoed legislation that would have provided legislative oversight to the Kenosha casino? Doyle had previously stated that he approved legislative oversight.

We all knew that Troha was in deep with the Democrats and Governor Jim Doyle. Today we find out the exact numbers that Jim Doyle has benefited from Dennis Troha and his family.

Edited to add: Campaign donations are not illegal. The problem is, what is Dennis Troha getting for these massive campaign donations?

A Blog Bleg.

Do you have a blog and have Google Ads in it?

I just started a Google Ads campaign for one of my other websites and want to see if ads appear in websites dealing with Wisconsin.


Only in Wisconsin...

...will people head out on a hot Saturday night for a cheese curd throwing contest.

Looking down the street toward the bank's sign at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Terri Wiersma said, "Oh, look, it's cooling off!"

Down by one degree, a "98" flashed across the sign.

Her husband, Dan, chuckled as the couple set up the trophies and paraphernalia for the 2006 World Championship Cheese Curd Throwing contest that was about to begin Saturday night during the Colby Cheese Days festival.

The contest would be more challenging if were a deep fried beer battered cheese curd throwing contest...and if someone had to catch it in their mouth at the other end.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Re: For Ignorance, Moonbattery, and Sarcasm...

With the Cap Times' support of Joel McNally's sophistry, should we be all that surprised about Kevin Barrett showing up to offer a primer in Islam at the U of the Sacred Liberal Bleeding Heart?

Particularly from a guy whose maxim is

If you don't believe at least a few wild-eyed government conspiracies, you're not paying attention.

But wait... let's dig a little deeper. McNally adds:
All this is to say that we've had far too many examples of government cover-ups and outright fabrications to dismiss out of hand as loony anyone who raises questions about the "official" version of events.

The premise is only problematic if you believe that governments are made of people, and people are free to act or react in different ways. By McNally's light, John F. Kennedy's administration is just like LBJ's administration, which is just like Nixon's, Carter's, and Reagan's, as well as those of Bush, Clinton and Bush.

But McNally eventually shows his colors - and his political allegiance:
And where better to have a free and open discussion of controversial ideas than on a college campus?

His allegiance is 'to the republic (of liberal schools), for which moonbattery stands, one union under tenure paid lavishly by public funds, with liberality and social justice for all designated minorities.'

Lest you question his sense of balance, McNally offers this:

Personally, I think the theory has a few holes. Given the "bad fiction" quality of other lies created by the Bush administration to justify the Iraqi war, if Bush and Cheney were going to all the trouble of faking terrorist attacks and killing thousands of Americans, you would think they would have at least forged a note from Saddam Hussein saying "I did it, ha, ha, ha." Perhaps the Bush administration is as incompetent at conspiracies as it is at everything else.

Without any evidence tying the attacks to Saddam, the president and his cronies had to make up all those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The problem for Kevin Barrett is that a lot of politicians who hate the University of Wisconsin listen to loony, right-wing radio shows.

If you're still chewing on that, this bit of sleight-of-hand easily slides by:

A nonexistent attack in the Gulf of Tonkin fabricated by the Johnson administration to justify the Vietnam War ended up killing more than 58,000 young Americans.

Freewheeling discussions of wild-eyed government conspiracies should never be banned from our college campuses. Too many of them turn out to be true.

Lance, you've hardly done the man credit.

Daley's letter writing campaign.

At the bottom of this post you will find a copy of the distribution list from Tim Daley to his supporters asking them to write letters on behalf of him to the local papers.

This is a common practice and Democrats excel at organized letter writing campaigns geared to appear spontaneous. This is something the right should do a better job of.

What I want you to see is the distribution list. Notice Kurt Vlach? Kurt resigned, that much we know, but he is still in the fray. Why would the local party continue to embrace him? As I reported earlier pending upon who you talk to Daley is introducing Vlach as either Campaign adviser or manager.

Well, once again he is fracturing the party. I am hearing of people pulling their support from Daley's campaign attempt to unseat Robin Vos because of Vlach's involvement.

Why is Tim Daley bringing in the unethical recently disgraced Vlach? Daley actually has a page on his website touting ethics reform. How can Tim Daley give a damn about ethics if he is embracing Kurt Vlach? A direct quote from his ethics section, "Enough is enough. Stop the disgrace. I have a reputation of being an honest person and lawyer."

I'm going to resist the urge to tell a lawyer joke but just say if you really cared about ethics Mr. Daley, why would you bring in the most unethical leader in Racine Democratic Party politics has ever known?

From: timdaley
Date: 07/05/06 00:02:46
To: Rosa Salinas Hultman
Cc: Jeff VanKoningsveld; ron thomas; katie simenson; Mike Shields; scott sharp; John Polodna; Pape, Chris; Earl O.Christianson; Jeff Neubauer; marilyn \"mike\" nemeth; Barney Lavin; Carl Lassiter; Diane Lange; Vlach Kurt; Joseph Kiemen; Patti Kasprowicz; Rich Hinderholtz; Robert R Henzl; John Heckenlively; Lenny Hand; Susan Greenfield; Robert Goepel; 'betsy georg'; Flynn, Mary; chris flynn; Dick Ehlert; Dan Drumel; Raymond DeHahn
Subject: Letters to the Editor

Dear supporters;

I would like to have a coordinated letter writing campaign to all three newspapers, the Racine Journal Times, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Westine Report. The general election is four months away.
If you would be willing to write letters supporting my candidacy in the coming months please let me know. Due to the papers' policies, you would only have to write a letter every 30 days at the most.

Re: Can we all stop complaining about the heat, please?

The heat is dry? So too is the heat in an oven.

Also, don't think the heat in the Middle East is always dry. Quite a bit of the Middle East (especially the inhabited portions) are not too far from major bodies of water. I recall nights in Dubai where the dew point seemed to be 100°+.

My wife's inaanak was an armored vehicle guy in Iraq. He told us they all stripped down to the *_BARE_* (IIRC it was a step above BARE) minimum in those vehicles while driving around in the Baghdadi heat.

However, this heat here is not that bad. I recall being in FL last fall (Sept) golfing 18. I always sought shade but didn't mind the heat at all (it was hot along what we have now or hotter). Going into the clubhouse was refreshing and leaving was hard (for a bit) but I was soaking it up. At the wedding reception I was in my suit and long-sleeves and I spent most of my time outside in the heat drinking bourbon and smoking cigars.

Quit your whining about the heat and if you don't I will not entertain you at all when you are P&Ming about the cold in January!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New week, new poll

For this week's poll, we have an oldie but a goodie from tee bee. If response is good, there may be a follow up poll/post to this one.

Should women serve in combat in Iraq
Free polls from

For Ignorance, Moonbattery, and Sarcasm...

...not to mention a mocking disrespect for the passengers of Flight 93, I give you: Joel McNally.

My wife Kit and I were in Madrid on Sept. 11, 2001. That night, a few hours after a hotel clerk told us terrorists were attacking all over the United States and that troops were in the streets restoring order, we went out to dinner with a young economist who worked for the Spanish government.

Our dinner companion gave us more accurate information based on the reports he had been receiving all afternoon. He described the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

He also told us the U.S. government had shot down a hijacked passenger plane that was headed for the White House.

Since everything else he told us that night turned out to be true, I have never been able to accept the popular mythology about the heroic passengers of Flight 93 rising up to give their lives to thwart the hijackers for the red, white and blue.
We need no longer take him seriously. If, in fact, we ever did.

Can we all stop complaining about the heat, please?

But it's a dry heat.


Bullish On Doyle.

Every now and then I visit a website called Intrade. Intrade is a market maker for futures on current events. What they hay is that? Essentially it is gambling on world events.

Well, they are engaging in the buying and selling of contracts on governor's races throughout our nation. Well here are the numbers for Wisconsin.

Dem to win WI in '06:
Bid: 50.4
Ask: 70.0
Last: 65
Vol: 101
Change +5.0

Republican to win WI in 06
Bid: 30.0
Ask: 49.6
Last: 35
Vol: 195
Change -5.0

Other to win WI in 06
Bid: -
Ask: 5.0
Last: 1
Vol: 0
Change 0

Okay, what does this mean? Well I would say the volumes indicate bullishness on Green but the prices point to Doyle. If we buy a contract on Green right now, we pay somewhere around $35.00 for that contract and if Green wins we are paid $100.00 back. So the price is an indication of certainty. That is those buying and selling contracts on Doyle are more confident of Doyle winning.

However, the volume (number of contracts sold) shows Green contracts are more popular. It will be interesting to see what happens to these contracts as the race really starts to heat up.

BTW, Intrade sells contracts on a wide variety of events. One is Hamas recognizing Israel by a given date and another series relates to the bombing of Iran.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Air Show Preview

Go see the air show this weekend. I got to see the rehearsal today from probably one of the best vantage points in town.

I managed to put together some grainy video and a some descriptions of what you'll see.

Me? Breaking news? Who would'a thought?

Party Politics

Some local politics going on deserve scrutiny for their greater implications:

Owen posts Democratic Party of Wisconsin Treasurer Robert Fyrst's letter to DPW Chair Wineke in which Fyrst resigns in order to support a Republican candidate for State Treasurer.

Kathy follows up in the comments with a link to RPW Executive Director Rick Wiley's response, which prompts my post. Wiley says:

"As Ronald Reagan once said, 'I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.' Many of the best Republicans are recovering Democrats.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin welcomes all Democrats who are disgruntled with the poor leadership and ethical lapses of Joe Wineke and Jim Doyle. I know many Democrats are fed up by their party's leadership and complete lack of solutions to the issues that face the people of Wisconsin.

Republicans have the cure for the broken promises and pay-to-play politics of Jim Doyle. You don't have to put up with it for much longer. Join us in supporting Mark Green for Governor and help make Wisconsin great again."

That's a tall order to fill, one that I can't put full faith in for the very reasons Fyrst is switching sides. He isn't happy with what's being accomplished and the candidates being put forward; he continues to have full faith in the ideals of the Democratic party.

Though in general people may become more conservative with life experience, they hardly shift ideals completely - they realize that to accomplish them means more than blind fealty.

Furthermore, it's a mistake for someone to encourage an almost nationalistic faith in a party, especially the RINO-like wobbly platform(s) of the current "big tent" Republicans.

My response to Wiley (and to Mark Green) is this: Since this election is hinged on corruption and fiscal irresponsibility and cronyism, you had better make sure that you deliver as pristine an administration as is humanly possible - and make this explicit as you take action and craft policy - or you will merely have supplanted a bluish governor with a reddish one, the only significant difference to the people being whose seal of approval you carry.


The "Green Bay" to be Christened Tomorrow

You have to give the Indian Casinos credit

"When I say Sold, I mean Sold"

They do know how to spend their money. Not only have they bought the Governors Mansion and their puppet there in. But they now own the Wisconsin Supreme Court Chamber too.

We have a Crooked Governor now backed by 4 idiots on the WSC who just do what Diamond Jim want.

This is why the only hope for the state of Wisconsin is to remove the head Crook. We must do what ever we can to help get Mark Green into Governors Mansion.

Jim Doyle has shown us that the law doesn't matter to him or his supporters, hell they just pissed all over the State Constitution to keep their Indian Casino Sugar Daddies happy.

The only way to return the rule of law to Madison is to remove Jim Doyle in November.

Jim Doyle Crooked as a Country Road.

Hey Xoff how much will Bag man Doyle get for delivering that 4th vote on the Court? I mean that has to be worth a couple million for Doyles reelection fund right?

Its a sad day when a Crook like Doyle can keep getting away with all of this. Wisconsin's government is for sale to the highest bidder and we all know it. And no one has spent more money buying it then the Indian Casinos.

What ever you planned to do this year to get rid of Diamond Jim commit to doubling that effort, it is that important we remove Doyle in November.

The Choice is simple it either Doyle or the Rule of Law.

Chris SH2

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Re: State Fair Get Together

Ok, all. Tuesday's Drinking Right reminded me to organize a second annual State Fair weblogger meet-and-great sorta sponsored by the BBA. We had fun last year. Hopefully this year's gathering will be bigger. The goal should be to get one Lefty weblogger there. I will tentatively set the date for August 5 at 1:00 at the microbrew tent. With three weeks before the start of the fair there's plenty of time to jiggle the time. The tent has wireless internet access so bring your computers. And if you do beware of me mocking you.

Thoughts on the GWOT

I've posted a piece I've been working on for several weeks:

Pro GWOT Since December 21, 1988.

It's become increasingly important in terms of support and strategy for the war that we acknowledge the locus as well as the broader roots of what we are up against.

It's a long piece, so I'll only post excerpts.

I threatened back then to cull my unflinching support for the war from any perceived Bush loyalty in another post.

Here it is - the day the Global War on Terror began.

In 1988, terrorists took down a Pan Am plane over Lockerbie, Scotland (1, 2, 3, 4), killing 270 people, including eleven citizens of Lockerbie. A bomb detonated in the forward hold, causing the plane to dump passengers and debris over the 81 mile trail of the crash.

The world held its breath as the suspected terrorists were hunted; no one doubted that it was again the work of terrorists demanding either money for their cause or for the release of their fellow terrorists.
Regardless of whether you believe the terrorists behind the Lockerbie massacre were Libyan or Syrian, the fact remains that before Lockerbie went down, virtually every terrorist attack had taken place on soil or the air route of a sympathetic nation or in distant points where we had military presence.

Lockerbie signaled a sea change: These hyperactive and ideologically unified terrorists were opposed to the idea and ideals of the West - not simply any inroads or presence in their homelands by Westerners - and were now determined bring to the battle to our doorstep with as violent and costly results as possible.

No self esteem

The last paragraph of Jonah Goldberg's syndicated column today is a work of art:

But Bush-hatred is just one side of the coin. The other is this bizarre, almost pathetic yearning for Democratic self-esteem. It was amazing how much of the rhetoric from the recent Daily Kos convention in Las Vegas was about standing up, fighting back and feeling proud to be Democrats. This liberal-pride crowd likes "fighting Dems," and open expression of Bush-hatred is the litmus test for whether you're a fighting Dem. You can be a moderate, like Virginia Senate hopeful Jim Webb or former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, or a flaming liberal, like Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, and that's fine as long as you'll "stand up and fight" and refuse to take this (expletive deleted) from that (expletive deleted) anymore. In fact, you can believe anything you want. You don't actually have to have big ideas. The important part is that you care.

Does this mean that we should consider Fightin' Bob Fest a big self-help convention for people with political self-esteem issues?

RE: Campaign finance issue or free speech issue?

A couple of things.

I am not certain McCain/Feingold applies to state or local elections, only federal elections.

In any event running to bureaucrats to shut the site down is nothing more than incumbent protection. I have no idea on the merits of the points brought up on the website, that is something for Dunn County residents to hash out but our founding fathers engaged in quite a bit of anonymous advocacy.

I did a little poking around this morning on the site and the identity of the site's author is fairly well locked down. I found out what hosting service is used and even id'ed the OS running the website, but have been unable to discover who is behind it.

This sorta reminds me of the Full of Bologna controversy.

Greater Wisconsin Committee keeps slime flowing

When your listening to the latest attempt by the Greater Wisconsin Committee(a shadow leftist group who wont say who their members are or who is paying the bills) to paint a good man Mark Green as a crook remember who the real crook is Jim Doyle.

Legal Campaign contributions to Mark Green over who knows how many years are not the problem, The Pay to Play charges being laid at Diamond Jim Doyles feet are the Problem.

Look at the facts and you know who the Crook is and it isn't Mark Green

Jim Doyle Crooked as a Country Road Vote Green in November.

Oh and every time you hear GWC attack the Evil Oil Companies remember Exxon makes less than 10 cents profit per gallon, while the State of Wisconsin and Jim Doyle make 32 cents per gallon.

As GWC attacks Big Oil and Big Pharmacy I have one question for Xoff and his band of slimers. Did you drive to work today and taken any heart pills or other meds lately?

The real Crook lives in the Governor Mansion in Madistan and we all know it.

Keep teaching people about who the Greater Wisconsin Committee is and where they get their money. This election will be a fight between real grass roots and the big special interest backing Jim Doyle are we going to let the Indian Casinos, WEAC and the Trial Lawyers buy Wisconsin again or are we going to show them Wisconsin isn't for sale anymore.

Keep Calling Xoff and the Rest of the Cowards at GWC out until they admit who are GWC members and where they are getting their money. What's the matter Xoff afraid to admit who is paying the bill over at your slime pit?

Chris CP@SH2

RE: Campaign finance issue or free speech issue?

While I understand Chris' concerns, stated below, regarding anonymous attacks, this website and the regulation of it thereof is most certainly a free speech issue.

However, it is walking a very treacherous line between regulated and unregulated campaign speech.

By law, mainly due to the McCain/Feingold bill, express advocacy, or advocacy that expressly asks for votes against or for a candidate, is regulated. Those who call for the defeat or support of a candidate are forced to abide by certain laws, such as disclosure of funds, etc.

Clearly, this site does so.

However, the law specifies a few "magic words," such as 'vote for' or 'support' that are almost the only things distinguishing between express advocacy and issue advocacy. If the creator of this site avoided such words, but otherwise the exact same thing he says now, he would not be subject to any campaign finance law.

If the gentleman who created this site took off all the magic words, the State Elections Board could do nothing about it. Since it does include the magic words, he will most likely be forced to reveal his funding sources.

Therefore, I feel that although it is not regarded as such by the law, this is a free speech issue. The government has created a speech code for politically motivated people to use, in which they can carefully work the system which Feingold tried so hard to create.

That should alarm us, as politically active bloggers. How long until one of us pisses off the wrong candidate, and they charge one of us with express advocacy and avoidance of the law? Is there protection for us?

Free speech is at an all time low in our country--I cannot buy a domain name and tell folks who I think should be elected without being subject to hundreds of pages of statutes, and fines if I do not abide by those statutes.

This man's political speech and anyone else's who feels strongly about an issue or candidate is daily surpressed so that candidates can have the only voice in an election.

And we can thank Sen. Feingold, Mr. "Civil Liberties" himself for that.

RE Campaign finance issue or free speech issue?

First I only have one problem with the anti Dennis Smith site is the fact the person making all these charges is hiding behind the website. You should have a right to say stuff like this if its true and a website is no different then a soap box on a corner so I fall under the Free Speech flag on this

Here is the disclaimer at the site

"There have been a few people who have sent emails wondering why there is not a name attached to this wed site.

The answer is "we are very familiar with the kind of personal attacks Dennis Smith is capable of making to people who disagree with him or against people who openly campaign against him."

When the time comes Dennis will be told who was involved with this web site. "

My first thought was what does Xoff have against Dennis Smith?

As I said, I have no problem with someone putting up a website like this as long as the charges are true and can be backed up say in a court when sued for slander.
Politics can get quite nasty sometimes its the nature of the beast.

What I have a problem with is when a person or group puts up an attack website like this or runs ads on the radio using Indian Casino money and they try to hide their true identities. You should have to disclose who you really are and where is the money coming from. I am not saying you cannot spend the money or say it but the ad groups should be transparent.

Anonymous attacks like this or the slime that Xoff and Greater Wisconsin Committee shouldn't be allowed. IF the groups are not willing to be open and honest about who they are and who is paying the bills. Then they should not be allowed to have their say. It is not fair to the Candidate being attacked since they are being attacked by Ghosts and Cowards. If this website turns out to be from someone who has an ax to grind with Smith I would look at it in a different light.

For us to grant that someone is using their first amendment right we have to first know who they are and do they even have that right.

I am just stating my own feelings about this I have no idea how many of these right have been lost due to McCain/Feingold attack on the First Amendment. For all we know the site is probably illegal Thanks Senator Feingold.

If you believe in something enough to launch a website like this you should be ready to back it up with your name.

I am not say people cannot be anon bloggers but that site isn't a blog its an attack website with a specific goal and mission.

Once again if you believe in something that much you should be willing to put your name on it.


Special Announcement

Fred and I held an emergency podcast this morning to discuss the Grothman drop-out and our own senate races.

You can listen to our announcement here.

Campaign finance issue or free speech issue?

I tend to say "free speech issue," but you make your own call.

In Dunn County, a website has sprouted up in opposition to the re-election campaign of Dunn County Sheriff Dennis Smith. The website,, goes after Smith hard, and it doesn't look like either the Republican or Democratic parties in Dunn County are very happy about it:
The chairs of the Dunn County Democratic and Republican parties have sent a letter to the State Elections Board requesting an investigation into a Web site that makes allegations against Sheriff Dennis Smith.

The site urges people not to vote for Smith and does not contain a disclaimer showing who is paying for it, according to a news release sent by Dunn County Democratic Chair K. Lynne Hausman and Republican Chair Maripat Krueger.

My impression of the site is that it is an individual, likely a connected individual, who is exercising his or her free speech rights. I cannot speak to the accuracy of the claims, though. In fact, I don't even know what party Smith belongs to. What do you think? Does the government have the right to punish the proprietor of the anti-Smith site for not making a disclosure of who paid for it?

Re: Wonderful idea

That became my official policy towards UWW after they hosted Ward Churchill. When I get the calls, I tell them point blank why I am not giving. It's too bad, too, because they really want a new building for the Business College pretty badly. I don't imagine I'll hold my grudge against them forever, but I also don't foresee donating anytime soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Asian Badger has a wonderful idea

If your a Wisconsin Alum stop giving them money.

We cannot help that our tax dollars go to school that hires scumbag moonbats like Kevin Barrett. But AB has the right idea don't give them a dime in the form of donations. If the UW is going to keep spitting on the sane people of this state who pay the freight for the UW its time to cut them off.

If you do decided to stop giving let them know why your not giving money. Tell them until Kevin Barrett is gone they are cut off. These idiots who are running the UW into the ground need to learn there are prices to be paid for siding with Kooks like Barrett.

Go read the Asian Badger post and then tear up that UW donation check.

Let Herb Kohl pick up the slack I am sure Kevin Barrett is his kind of people. Come to think of it I am supirsed Barrett isnt on Senator Feingolds staff somewhere. I mean there are two guys who really think alike. ;)

Chris UW class of 97 CP@SH2

State Fair Get Together

Should we try for another Saturday at the micro-brew tent again?

Just asking here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grothman poll deep sixed

I've eliminated the Grothman poll since it is no longer pertinent. Glenn must have been one of the 15 that voted 'no'.

Re: Grothman steps back on curb.

I understand Grothman not running, but other than a summer and fall campaigning he didn't have anything to lose. He had very, very low expectations. If he'd have scratched out 40% he would have been considered a political genius.

I'm bummed. I would have really liked to help him with a guerrilla campaign that punched a few holes in the sterling (yet boring) reputation of Sen. Kohl.

Grothman steps back on curb.

After deciding that being a human sacrifice would really hurt Glenn Grothman did what any sane person would do. He stepped back on the curb and let the Herb Kohl bus roll on by. Now if only Bryan Kennedy could be that smart.

MJS Daywatch reports Grothman will not run agaisnt Senator Empty Suit so I guess Fred needs to get back on the Campaign trail.

"Madison - State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) gathered enough signatures to run against Democratic U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl but opted not to file them today, meaning Kohl will have no major-party opposition in November.

About 3,000 people signed nomination papers for Grothman, well over the 2,000 needed to get on the ballot. But Grothman said he did not believe he had a strong enough organization in place to mount a challenged against the millionaire owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Republicans had hoped to get a serious contender to take on Kohl, and turned to Grothman in recent weeks after former Gov. Tommy G. Thompson said he would not jump in the race."
quoted from the MJS DayWatch section.

I for one think Glenn did the right thing there will be other fights/elections in the future where a good man like Glenn will be needed.

Now can we get back to kicking Diamond Jims and Peg the Kegs rear ends out of office people.

Chris CP@SH2

Xoff and GWC really make me laugh

Is anyone else having a hard time keeping a straight face every time they hear Xoff and his secret band of slimers that is the Greater Wisconsin Committee's "George Bush and Mark Green" ad.

To hear these sliming idiots try to make legal contributions sound like all the Pay For Play money that Diamond Jim Doyle has collected.

Why is George Bush coming to Wisconsin to raise money for Mark Green. Because I believe George Bush has built up some ties to Wisconsin over two presidential elections. I believe people outside of Wisconsin are starting to understand how vulnerable The Crook Doyle is. Mark Green was also a major player in the Bush04 effort in Wisconsin I know I met him for the first time in Fond Du Lac at a Bush supporters organizational meeting.

Yes W is paying Green back not for his votes but for his very visible past support.

A quick question for the slime merchants at GWC and their King Xoff,

Why are legal contributions from gasp two pillars of the American and World economy Big Oil and Big Drug bad(Xoff you don't drive a car or take meds right) evil

But all the shady deals that the Crook Jim Doyle is under scrutiny for are ok.

I am not even going into the fact that when it comes to being a whore for donations Jim Doyle is the a top flight escort. Governor Doyle could teach Jenna Jameson a few new tricks when it comes to doing anything for money.

Yes Diamond Jim Doyle has always done what was right for Wisconsin over the needs of his 3 main puppet masters.

As I have stated earlier The merry band of slime merchants must be worried. If there trying to make Green look like a crook for having the Leader of his Party come and do a gasp "Fund raiser" for him.

Adleman Travel was the first example of the type of crooked government Jim Doyle is running and it wont be the last.

Scott Jensen is going to Prison for crimes that are no where near what Jim Doyle stands accused of.

Yes Xoff, Mark Green is the crook.

You know Xoff in the old days they used to Tar and Feather snake oil salesmen such as yourself. Shame that tradition isn't still allowed. Because that is all Xoff and his GWC followers are "Snake Oil" Salesmen.

Xoff likes to make Nazi jokes about Republicans and Conservatives which is funny since he makes a living out of the "Big Lie" principle

Its going to be a great year I don't know what I will enjoy more beating Doyle or getting to listen to Xoff explain how we must have cheated to win the election since that is the only way Doyle could have lost.

Chris CP@SH2

Monday, July 10, 2006

Glenn Grothman say "Wow that is a pretty big bus"

I see that Charlie is reporting that Glenn is now saying he is a really solid maybe when it comes to serving himself up as a human sacrifce at the RPW alter.

I am sure they are waiting to really announce until they get their signatures. Could the RPW frak this up any worse. What if he dosent get the signatures in time? Since the whole purpose of having Glenn run is to avoid the RPW being embarrased.

Isnt that the most important consideration when it comes conservative politcs in Wisconsin "Making sure the RPW doesnt look bad"

Here is my problem why would Grothman people tell Owen one thing and let the blogosphere buzz all weekend then tell Charlie something different?

What if Glenn decideds that being under that bus might hurt what will the RPW do then? What if he decideds that being sacrifced isnt the right choice?

I guess the RPW could revive this World War One recruiting idea.

It is amazing that with such an inept state body such as the RPW, we are actually going to win a number of state wide offices back and keep the majorities in both state houses. I guess sometimes good wins out inspite of bad leadership.

Chris CP@SH2

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Re: Grothman to Run against Senator Empty Suit.

I'm glad Grothman is running. I just hope he's realistic in his chances of winning. I also hope he squeezed something out of the state GOP for being their sacrificial lamb.

Grothman in the race will do nothing to affect the GOP's chances of re-taking the governor's office or Attorney General's office. If having too many GOP candidates is a detriment we should be demanding Bucher or Van Hollen step aside and end the intra-party battle to focus completely on beating Peg Lautenschlager. A few lawn signs and bumper stickers and maybe even a television ad or two won't hurt Mark Green, J.B. Van Hollen, or Paul Bucher. It won't help either. It's a wash. No GOP candidate will win or lose because of Glenn Grothman.

This will be the fun campaign. With little chance of winning Grothman can say and do things that a more competitive candidate wouldn't for fear of losing. You can get pretty creative when you have nothing to lose. While Grothman will have to publically say he thinks he can win his real goal better be just to punch a few holes in Sen. Kohl's reputation and show his fellow Republicans they shouldn't be afraid of him.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

New poll: Grothman's run

This one almost writes itself:

Do you think Glenn Grothman made the right decision in running against Kohl?
Free polls from

Terrible, bad, horrible idea

How incredibly ridiculous.

As we've all heard by now, first reported by Owen, Sen. Glenn Grothman is running for U.S. Senate.

I am severely disappointed to hear this news.

I consider Sen. Grothman to be one of the best Senators in the State Senate. For this reason, I can't really understand why he thinks this is a good idea.

It is practically impossible to combat Kohl's endless personal wealth. The only person who had the name recognition to do so was Tommy Thompson. And he, of course, could not put his ego aside to do it.

So now Grothman feels the need to step up to the plate.

Don't get me wrong, he'd make a great Senator. Unfortunately, he can't beat Kohl.

And now, in a year when we must be concentrating on the Governor's office, we will see our finite resources and volunteer hours stretched even further.


Grothman to Run against Senator Empty Suit.

Owen at Boots and Sabers is reporting that State Senator Glen Grothman is making it official and is throwing his hat into the ring against the Human O2 sponge Herb Kohl.

While this will make large portions of state Republicans and Conservatives happy finally having a person to run against Herb I still believe its a mistake. But I hope I am wrong I doubt I am but I for once hope everyone is telling me I was wrong in November or worst case this doesn't hurt Glenn down the road.

Chris SH2

I do have a poem in honor of Glenn Entering the race at SH2

Grothman Running for Senate.

Owen is reporting that Glenn Grothman is running for Senate.

Moonbat Alert!

Somebody named Paul V. Sheridan has commented on my post about Kevin Barrett.

His "comment" is acually a four-page letter he sent to Rep. Steve Nass. Here are a few excerpts: December 2005 the republican George Bush is reported to have thrown an adolescent temper tantrum while demanding re-issuance of a traitorous document entitled Athe USA PATRIOT Act.@ During a meeting at our White House this Bush was reminded of the treasonous effects this fascist document has had on the Constitution. Regarding the latter Bush declared:

'I don't give a goddamn. I'm the President and the Commander in Chief. Do it my way ... (it=s just) a goddamned piece of paper."

I also have no intention of letting you or Bush trample on our rights. Your recent diatribe regarding Professor Kevin Barrett does just that, and in that context I intend to expose your lack of patriotism, your abject ignorance, and your blatant duplicity/hypocrisy at every opportunity. Your recent attack on the United States Constitution may be justification for your removal from public office.
This is my favorite line, which he repeats several times: have a right to challenge his lecture but you do not have the right to muzzle him.
See, if we refuse to help Barrett spread his farcical and incoherent paranoid ramblings by paying him with taxpayer money, we're "muzzling" him.

Read the whole thing, if you have absolutely nothing better to do. Of course, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, you'd spent that time more profitably taking a long hard look at your life.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Wisconsin's War Dead

I'm making some fun of the new "progressive" kids on the block, "One Wisconsin Now," over on my own blog.

But, I thought I'd play nice and give them props for this. For the 4th of July, they listed out names and pictures of Wisconsin's Iraq and Afghanistan war dead, with links to more information about each of them.

I know, their reason for posting it is probably a lot different from my reason for appreciating it, but I still do.

Kenosha is losing more jobs

Gosh, this is getting depressing. It seems like every month- Kenosha County continues to lose more high paying jobs. Today's announcement, 113 workers at ITT, will be laid off starting in September. The work at ITT will either move to a different state or the work will cease all together.

From the Kenosha News-

Work done at the Kenosha facility will be transferred to two of ITT's three other facilities in Amory, Miss., and Simi Valley, Calif. The other U.S.-based facility is in Lancaster, Pa.

Just last month- Chrysler closed one of it's main engine lines down- laying off 250 high paying factory jobs.

In the last few years, we have lost jobs at Snap-On Tools, PowerBrace, Sanmina, SuperValue, Chrysler, and on and on and on.

10 to 20 years ago, business' were flocking across the border from Illinois into Kenosha and Walworth counties. Not anymore, they are heading out again. Lake County and McHenry County in Illinois realized how many business' they were losing and did something about it. They lowered their county taxes. It is actually cheaper to live in Lake County in Illinois than it is to live in Kenosha County. The houses cost about the same, the taxes are about the same, but all of the jobs are in Illinois. It's only a matter of time before people start leaving Kenosha and moving back to Illinois.

For folks like me, who live in Wisconsin, but work in Illinois, we have very little reason to stay in Wisconsin. Especially with the price of gas, people will start moving closer to where they work. Right now, the taxes are holding steady in Illinois and they continue to go up in Wisconsin. By the way, I buy my gas in Lake County, Illinois- it is cheaper there.

This just makes me furious. How do we stop this? Industries are growing in Illinois, but we are losing in Wisconsin.

Mark Green needs to start talking about TABOR and the TPA again. The people of Illinois have a TABOR and county governments cannot increase their taxes beyond the rate of inflation +1%. It is time for the Wisconsin taxpayer to decide how much government can raise their taxes, or people will continue to leave Wisconsin and go where the jobs are.

I love living in Wisconsin- Kenosha is my home. I don't want to have to leave. Those folks in Madison need to start realizing that it is time to do something about this.