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Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Net Neutrality"?

Sean brought up "net neutrality" over at TAM, so I thought I'd post this email I received a few days ago. (This one is, fortunately, not anywhere near as bad as this one.)
Pardon the mass email, but I just wanted to let everyone know about our new nonpartisan coalition fighting to keep free speech and economic innovation on the Internet. After you read the below statement, let me know if you are interested in joining and we will add you to the Wisconsin Coalition for Net Neutrality website. We are also open to allowing others to be bloggers on the WCfNN site at

A group of bloggers in Wisconsin are stepping up to form a statewide coalition to defend Network Neutrality - a.k.a. the Internet's First Amendment. Net Neutrality makes sure networks are only used for the purpose of moving data around on the internet - essentially acting as an equalizing force and encouraging democracy, economic innovation and free speech. A group of Republicans and Democrats who are out-of-touch with the full potential of the internet are on the verge of putting an end to that. Congress is now considering the "Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act of 2006." The bill would allow cable and telecommunication companies such as Verizon, AT & T, Comcast and Time Warner to act as gate keepers of the internet. Those companies feel it is their right as they already control the wires.

The concern is that if this occurs, the Internet will be turned into a cable network with the deeper pocket books deciding what websites receive preferential treatment and which websites will have faster download speeds.

Leading high-tech companies, such as Intel and Google have also signed petitions supporting protections of net neutrality. It is important for Wisconsin small businesses that are dependent on the internet to also stand up.

After we have 20 plus bloggers on board we would like to begin approaching small business and asking them to also join the coalition. We hope to then bring the list of supporters to all of out legislators and tell them to protect network neutrality. If you are interested in signing up, please email me and visit our site at

We will add you to the list.
Like Sean, I haven't had the time to really delve into this issue, so I don't know where I stand yet. But, if you do, and you want to get on board, please do. However, I must say, I don't think it is quite as clear-cut as those on opposing sides say (what issue is?).

Re: Did you really think they would do the right thing?


After Frank Lasee dropped support for the TBA I lost faith in it being any good.

Perhaps, the reason some people voted against is because they want it done right and not loaded with exemptions and loopholes. Of course, some voted against it because they are in the Party of Government.

Anyway gotta go!

Educational Credits and the LLEC in Wisconsin

I have proposed for some time now that the most logical and effective mechanism to reform both the educational outcomes and the finance system in Wisconsin is through a tax credit system. Alternatively, an intelligent voucher system could be created but I do not currently support vouchers as a first choice. I would like to take the time now to more fully develop what I mean by a tax credit system. Also, I would like to briefly outline a simple example of the initial impact of a local levy credit system (LLEC). It is my sincere hope that candidate Mark Green, Senator Harsdorf and Representative Rhoades and al others take a serious look at this proposal and immediately start the process of detailed analysis of the financial impacts of such a system and to begin crafting legislation that would implement it. I would be more than happy to discuss this matter further with any legislator who is honestly interested in both the state financing of education and the fundamental rights of parents in Wisconsin.


bildanielson @

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is it Drafty in Here?

Any thoughts about Day 1 of the Packers' draft? First, they must have the fastest group of linebackers in the league. Second, Greg Jennings looks like Antonio Chapman, Part II (that's not necessarily a bad thing). Third, Matt Leinert better not turn into the next Joe Montana, Tom Brady, or Brett Favre because I will hunt down Ted Thompson and make him eat a USC jersey for passing on him.

Pity Brian Calhoun

Detroit drafted him.
Madison -- Tailback Brian Calhoun waited longer than he anticpated to hear his named called in the 2006 NFL draft.

Calhoun, who set several school records in his lone season at the University of Wisconsin, was selected with the 10th pick of the third round by the Detroit Lions on Saturday, the 74th pick overall and just the seventh running back taken.

The six running backs selected before Calhoun, a former all-state performer from Oak Creek High School, were: USC's Reggie Bush at No. 2 by New Orleans; Minnesota's Laurence Maroney at No. 21 by New England; Memphis' DeAngelo Williams at No. 27 by Carolina; LSU's Joseph Addai at No. 30 by Indianapolis; USC's LenDale White at No. 45 by Tennessee; and UCLA's Maurice Drew at No. 60 by Jacksonville.

Most NFL scouts do not view Calhoun as an every-down back but he proved to be durable and versatile in 2005 for UW.

In 12 regular-season games, Calhoun had 73.4% of the team's rushing total (1,423 of 1,939 yards) and 43.1% of the team's total offense (1,986 of 4,607 yards).

He capped his season in style by rushing 30 times for 213 yards and a touchdown in UW's 24-10 upset of No. 7 Auburn in the Capital One Bowl, helping to send coach Barry Alvarez off with a bowl triumph and a 10-victory season. Calhoun thus became just the second player in NCAA Division I-A history to record at least 1,500 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in the same season.

Overall, Calhoun finished with 348 rushing attempts, a UW season record and the No. 7 mark in Big Ten Conference history; 1,636 rushing yards, the No. 5 mark in UW history; 53 receptions for 571 yards, both season records for a UW running back; and 2,207 all-purpose yards, the No. 2 mark in school history.
Detroit is NFL Hell. Run by fools and idiots. When I was watching the Draft w/ Marcus today in Sheboygan, we both joked about them taking another WR in the 1st Round.

They didn't, they took a Linebacker.

I'm still convinced their GM, Matt Millon, has polaroids of the Ford family to ensure his continued employment with the team.

Sorry, but it's how I feel today

There is a PG-13 R-rated picture, but some days, like today, I feel this way.

Tee Bee thinks my rating was a bit lax 8)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Gwen "Job Killer" Moore touts her efforts to bring jobs to Milwaukee

A few weeks ago, Congresswoman Gwen Moore helped kill a plan to bring a growing company to Milwaukee, killing off the types of jobs that low skilled and less educated employees can use as a stepping stone to improvement.

Today, her newsletter has come out, and in it she touts her efforts to bring jobs to Milwaukee's poverty stricken inner city... The types of jobs she just helped keep from Milwaukee because she said they "were the wrong kind of jobs".

I have more coverage and the full copy of Moore's column posted at BadgerBlogger

Because Reporting Good Economic News is Beneath Us

This is on the AP Wire.

Cool, but a stunning sign of MSM priorities on a day it was announced the Economy grew a whopping 4.8%.
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- A 14 1/2-foot crocodile mauled a chainsaw a worker was using Friday to clear up debris left by a tropical storm that lashed northern Australia. While the croc and worker were both uninjured, the saw's woodcutting days are over.

Freddy Buckland was cutting up a tree that fell against a crocodile enclosure at the Corroboree Park Tavern, 50 miles east of the northern port city of Darwin when the crocodile, called Brutus, apparently took exception to the chainsaw's noise and attacked.

"As he was trimming up the tree on the outside the croc jumped out of the water and sped along the tree about 18, 20 feet and actually grabbed the chainsaw out of his hands," said Peter Shappert, the tavern's owner.

"It must have been the noise ... I don't think he was actually trying to grab Freddy, but I'm not sure. He had a fair go at him ... I think he just grabbed the first thing he could and it happened to be the chainsaw," Shappert added.

Neither Buckland nor Brutus were injured.

The saltwater crocodile, which Shappert said he now is considering renaming Two-stroke in honor of the saw's fuel, appeared to like the snack.

"He chewed on the chainsaw for about an hour-and-a-half, then we finally got it out," Shappert said, adding that the saw was destroyed when it finally was retrieved from Brutus' giant jaws.

Saltwater crocodiles have been known to attack small power boats, apparently because they do not like the noise of outboard motors.
Because it must be said. CRIKEY!

Did you really think they would do the right thing?

Unlike a lot of my blog brethren(I am including the ladies in the brotherhood by the way)I had no real hopes the State GutlessOP would get a real TPA/TABOR done so I am not as crushed as a lot people are.

The rest of my rant can be read here at SH2

Oh and a little something to cheer Owen up ;)


Thursday, April 27, 2006

RE: Group Hug for Kevin

Gee thanks Sean...I think?

To be honest, if the circus of the Caucus Scandal hadn't happened, Jensen would still be Speaker and Gard would be back where I always thought he was more effective - Chairman of Joint Finance.

Do I think Gard's a great Speaker? Hardly. Many in SE Wisconsin, upset about the Jensen charges, have always seen Gard as a "place-holder for Jensen" and that maybe some of the reason for the animosity and reception he's felt in some quarters down in that neck of the woods.

Maybe I'm wrong on that? But I always get a chuckle in my throat when I hear someone say Gard's not "conservative" when I can recall meeting a State Assemblyman from SE Wisconsin (the name eludes me) shortly after then-Rep. Joe Leibham won election to the State Senate and the topic of Gard becoming Speaker came up in conversation. His exact words were he was worried Gard was "too Conservative for his tastes."

So take your pick.

But I also realize that Leadership in any house of government is a test of one's pragmatic skills and fighting the battles you know you have the votes to win. Yeah, its not pretty or ideologically perfect, but you do what you do with the cards you're dealt.

Group Hug for Kevin

Many of us have ripped on Speaker John Gard (I raise my hand high). As a party leader he has to claim much of the blame for the TPA debacle. (Put plenty of blame on my State Senator Glenn Grothman who turned TABOR into the wonkish Rube Goldberg that is the TPA.) About Gard's not-so-hot poll numbers in his Congressional race Kevin writes,
Every pundit I’ve talked to has always said the same to me - “The race is Gard’s to lose.” That fact still remains given that he’s done very little public campaigning, but instead is being bogged down with running the Assembly, and attacked from the right for being seen as “not doing enough,” or “plotting only his Congressional run,” when in fact all he’s doing is trying to run an effective State Assembly.

I know Kevin is trying to defend Gard but if he's been spending all his time in Madison instead of campaigning for Congress then his leadership skills are worse than I thought.

But Gard isn't running for governor; he wants to be one of 435 members of the House of Representatives. All conservatives should want is someone willing to vote for good conservative bills. Gard will do that. On school choice and limiting government spending Gard's heart is in the right place even if his legislative skills have been dismal with TABOR/TPA. The goal of the BBA is to make Wisconsin a red (conservative) state. To reach that goal a conservative needs to retain Rep. Green's seat. Gard is that man.

The eighth district is the most competitive Congressional race in Wisconsin. Let's get behind John Gard to keep it in the Right (pun intended) column. Here's an idea: Anyone interested is holding Southeast Wisconsin fundraiser so Gard knows he has some love down here?

Milwaukee tire slashing case may not be over

According to Marvin Pratt, they are going to appeal.

Re: Madtown - 7th Most Liberal in Country

Noooo....c'mon. No way. I don't believe it.

Madison--liberal? Gosh no.

I mean, I never would have guessed it! My car has only been vandalized a couple times, Republican paraphernalia has only been stolen a few dozen times, and the Mendota Beacon only gets stolen off the newspaper racks like, you know, every other week.

There are only a few aging hippies here, and only a handful of "protests" and "rallies" every day, and Dave "Marx is my master" Cieslewicz is our mayor.

And we're supposed to be liberal?

C'mon. Stop pulling my leg.

Who are the gas gougers?

Fed Gas tax 18.4 cpg

State of Wisconsin gas tax 31.1 cpg

49.5 cpg when they didn't do one thing to produce that gallon of gas.(classic definition of being a looter)

Plus don't forget all the road blocks the Federal government has put in the way of the oil industry to expand the areas where we drill for oil. Plus the price increase that comes for all the different blends of gas the EPA has forced on us.

On the state level lets not forget the Minimum markup law.

Exxon/Mobil are the least of our problems lets get the government out of the way open up Anwar, open up the Gulf of Mexico oil fields and let the Oil companies build some new refineries(no new refineries in the US in over 40 years)

So as usual if your looking for the real thieves look towards the Government.

Chris of SH2

Madtown - 7th Most Liberal in Country

Madison was ranked 7th most liberal city in the nation.
7. Madison, Wis.
Represented by Democrat Tammy Baldwin (ACU lifetime: 3%; 2005: 0%), a public lesbian who has pushed for extension of hate crime protection to people victimized because of gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. City Council supported a "cities for peace" resolution before the Iraq War began. Was one of 24 Wisconsin cities that supported a "Bring the Troops Home Now" referendum advocating immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

See Human Events Story


Journal Sentinel Finally Covers McGee's "Jokes"

Check Eugene Kane off the list of Journal Sentinel columnists who acknowledged the racist spew uttered by Michael McGee, Sr. We shouldn't be surprised he doesn't give a damn:
Personally, I think it's ridiculous to focus on McGee's jokes.
McGee has had the most outrageous radio broadcast in Milwaukee for about 15 years. He considers nothing off limits; he's used racial slurs, including the N-word, numerous times.

He refuses to condemn McGee. That would require Kane to care about improving race relations in Milwaukee. If things got better he would soon run out of column ideas.

Kane being the expert of all things racist takes it to another level by admitting there's a double standard when it comes to racist words:
(Memo to clueless squawkers: Black folks can call each other the N-word without taking it as an insult or slur. It's a black thing; you wouldn't understand.)

How about when Louis Farrakhan called Pope John Paul II a "cracker?" Is that ok? Help me, Eugene. Enlighten me O judge of all that's racist.

As for Ricardo Pimentel and his merry band of editorialists it took five days for them to comment on McGee's racist jokes. Way to keep up with the pulse of the community guys. Owen Robinson had a field day with their "situational ethics" so that gives me less to write.

It also took Tim Cuprisin five days to report on McGee's racist humor. He talked to Patrick Dorwin and mentioned his weblog. Free publicity is always good, especially from a big city newspaper.

Oddly Patrick McIlheran hasn't commented on McGee yet. I hope he's saving his salvo for a future column.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wakeup? I'll Tell You!

Being one of two BBA members (Wassup Marcus?) with access to the Green Bay media market, I got to see Hansen and his puppet Tom Nelson (D-Kaukauna) parade around all the major channels harping on the public's economic ignorance to the laws of supply and demand as he crusaded against price-gouging like a man possessed.
I am blogging from a cheap hotel room in Madison and the blogging I do do will be less frequent for the next month or two or three. Don't take this as an excuse to stop reading Blogger Beer less often!

This sounds very interesting. I did hear Tom Nelson on WHBY a week or two ago and whine about how the GOP controlled legislature is doing silly things instead of important things like coercing small businessmen out of their products.

Tire slashing aftermath

Check out the audio that Dan has posted at The Early Spin blog. Marvin Pratt's wife said that the judge had on a robe, but he should have had on his hood. Is it any wonder why race relations are as strained as they are in Milwaukee. It really is sad.

With Spokesmen like this no wonder the Milwaukee Black community has the problems it has.

" (Memo to clueless squawkers: Black folks can call each other the N-word without taking it as an insult or slur. It's a black thing; you wouldn't understand.)"

I hope I never do understand thinking like that or this.

"Personally, I think it's ridiculous to focus on McGee's jokes.
McGee has had the most outrageous radio broadcast in Milwaukee for about 15 years. He considers nothing off limits; he's used racial slurs, including the N-word, numerous times."

Both Quotes from the MJS head race baiter Mr Kane

Yes with People Like Mr Kane and the McGee family and Mrs Moore considered Leaders no wonder the black community is having the problems its having.

I found the damn permalink its one of those goofy MJS ones here is the waste of bandwidth

You get the government and leaders you deserve maybe its time for some people on the North side of Milwaukee to look for new leaders.



Update: Murder of Julienne McGuire

A suspect has been found based on DNA evidence; the man was also found to have some of Julienne McGuire's things in his possession.

More CP @ GMC.

Previous here, here, and here.

Re: Help the sister of a DU'er

Lauds to Jib and Right Wing News for taking up the cause of DUer Th1onein's sister, Andrea Clarke, whose life is in the balance because her doctors want to terminate her care.

ProLifeBlogs is also reporting on Andrea's case, but I couldn't find anything recent in the news.

In the comments on Jib's post, Dana argues against kneenor's questioning the stance of those on the left, including Th1onein and the Clarke family, regarding the Schiavo case. Dana points out that Schiavo was brain damaged, but Andrea is cognizant when the coma-inducing drugs wear off.

Kneenor's timing might not be the best, and Dana is accurate in pointing out the difference between Andrea and Terri. The problem is that, once it is considered socially exceptable to starve and dehydrate a person to death because they won't conveniently die on their own, you change the thinking of a profession and desensitize it to the cruel reality of an "enforced mercy."

Can anyone then be surprised at the response of the hospital board's Episcopal priest who voted for Andrea's death by breathing-tube removal, saying, "It's wrong to keep Andrea alive, she is suffering" ?

That is why we cannot allow the medical establishment OR legislators to dictate these decisions, let alone carry them out. That is why we cannot allow so-called mercy killings to procede, regardless of the situation of the patient.

Taking a patient off breathing and heart activity support when they are brain-dead - or when they have no hope of any state of awareness and independence from these two functions - is to allow a reasonable and natural course to occur. It isn't killing.

Refusing to feed a person or allow them water is killing.

And that is why we cannot allow people like Terri Schiavo to be killed. Because the reasoning fails when it comes to people like Andrea Clarke or Haleigh Poutre, who recovered shortly after she was rescued from a Social Services system that was going to "end her suffering."

Consider the Hippocratic Oath:
I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfil according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:

To hold him who has taught me this art as equal to my parents and to live my life in partnership with him, and if he is in need of money to give him a share of mine, and to regard his offspring as equal to my brothers in male lineage and to teach them this art - if they desire to learn it - without fee and covenant; to give a share of precepts and oral instruction and all the other learning to my sons and to the sons of him who has instructed me and to pupils who have signed the covenant and have taken an oath according to the medical law, but no one else.

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.

Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.

What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about.

If I fulfil this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.

Translation from the Greek by Ludwig Edelstein. From The Hippocratic Oath: Text, Translation, and Interpretation, by Ludwig Edelstein. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1943.

Not that the oath is being left to itself - for statistics on its administration and the proposed "updated" oath for the World Medical Association, see Imagerynet's post on the modern oath. Also, UCC Express's Rachael Cole recently reworked the oath with another failed system in mind.

Tire slashing trial results

Today we find out what happens to the four Democratic activists that pled no-contest to slashing the tires on 25 rented vans that were to be used by Republicans in a "get out the vote" effort during the Presidential election.

The office of District Attorney E. Michael McCann('t) asked for probation in the plea deal, but the judge did the right thing and ignored the sentencing request and gave them some (not enough, but some) jail time.

Michael Pratt, son of former mayor Marvin Pratt was sentenced to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Sowande Omokunde, son of Congresswoman Gwenn Moore was sentenced to four months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Lavelle Mohammad was sentenced to five months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Lewis Caldwell was sentenced to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

All will get work release privileges

Someone Call Sen. Hansen (D-Green Bay)

Apparently BP didn't get his memo about being an 'evil, price-gouging, capitalist pig."

They lost money.

Oil company BP PLC said Tuesday its profit fell 15 percent in the first quarter as a drop in oil and gas output, a Texas refinery shutdown and higher taxes offset gains from soaring world oil prices.

BP, the world's second-largest oil company by market capitalization, posted a first-quarter net profit of $5.6 billion, down from $6.6 billion a year earlier.

Revenue rose 23 percent to $67.1 billion, largely thanks to higher oil prices, with North Sea Brent contracts — a key crude benchmark — rising by 30 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period last year.

The impact of closed oil platforms following last year's big hurricane season showed in the slowing of production in the quarter to 4.035 million barrels of oil equivalent a day, compared to 4.101 million in the same period last year.

BP said its Texas City refinery, shut down last year as a precaution before Hurricane Rita in September, was stepping up production.

"The Texas City refinery is now running at 200,000 barrels per day and further units will be brought onstream across the balance of 2006," said Chief Executive John Browne.

The refinery, BP's largest in North America, has a 460,000-barrel-a-day capacity. It restarted gasoline production a week ago and is now running at 200,000 barrels a day.

In the Gulf of Mexico, the Mars platform — jointly owned with Royal Dutch Shell PLC — is yet to reopen after Hurricane Katrina passed through in August. Shell, which owns a 71.5 percent stake to BP's 28.5 percent, said last week that it planned to resume output there in early May.

BP's global output was also hurt by lower production at its Russian joint venture TNK-BP, which reflected the impact of production-asset disposals and of extremely cold weather in the first quarter.
Brown said that the company's actions to control costs are on track and the financial results were affected by higher tax charges.

Quarterly replacement cost profit, a key indicator for analysts, was $5.3 billion. That was better than analysts' consensus forecast of $5.1 billion but down from $5.5 billion in the same quarter of 2005.

The measure excludes exceptional items and gain in the value of inventory holdings, providing the amount it would cost to replace assets at current prices.

BP's first-quarter profit last year was boosted by $1.1 billion in divestments, including the sale of its 10.34 percent stake in Ormen Lange, a natural gas field off Norway's continental shelf.

BP shares dropped 1.4 percent to close at 701.50 pence ($12.54).

Being one of two BBA members (Wassup Marcus?) with access to the Green Bay media market, I got to see Hansen and his puppet Tom Nelson (D-Kaukauna) parade around all the major channels harping on the public's economic ignorance to the laws of supply and demand as he crusaded against price-gouging like a man possessed.

But what's one to expect from a man - Hansen - who's so far up AFSCME's backside, Roto-Rooter's been calling in assistance for the past five years.

Congratulations Spivak & Bice

Spiceblog is the first Journal Sentinel columnists to acknowledge Michael McGee's racist jokes. Will the incident get published beyond their weblog and make it into the newspaper?

Still nothing from media columnist Tim Cuprisin, who's more concerned with Paula Abdul crying, or expert in all things racist Eugene Kane who's more concerned with attacking a law-breaking, black conservative.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Absence of Reason

Recent comments by the political class, President Bush specifically, leave one with grave doubts about the ability to grasp basic concepts by those who occupy our governing chambers. The President announced his intentions to investigate energy companies for price-gouging. The reason is obvious; since prices are increasing their must be a reason for it. The President in his speech today actually discovered some of the culprits, but more on this in a bit.

The comment which really got my attention was when the President stated that we must find ways to give people incentives to conserve and find alternative energy sources. So no one thinks I am singling out the President, just about every politician from the federal government to the local level believes this. Their belief in government is so spellbinding that from the President on down the political ladder are unable to comprehend that rising prices have exactly this effect; it forces people to conserve and explore substitute[alternative] goods. The beauty of prices is it does not require another layer of bureaucracy which leads to rising taxes. If you want to start a discussion on gouging; then let’s start with the quintessential of gouging, government!

The President went on to list a few directives the government would take including the suspension of purchases by SPR, relaxation of enviromental codes, and lifting required blending requirements. If taking these measures are suppose to help relieve the “crisis”; then wouldn’t it be logical to conclude that their implementation helped to cause the “crisis” in the first place. Therefore, the reason behind the rising prices is not gouging by the oil companies, but by the government. If the politicians are looking for a guilty party; I would suggest they stand in front of a mirror.

And finally you have this from New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer suggested it is time to break up “big oil”. All right, if we are to reason that big companies with monopoly powers are evil; then let’s not only break up big oil but break up big government which in retrospect caused the “crisis” in the first place. Perhhaps the Senator from New York would care to tackle the big government education monopoly along the way.

Mark Pribonic @ OnTheBorderLine

ESPN says Favre Will Return

Just breaking, but it sounds like Favre will come back! - NFL - Sources: Favre decides to play '06 season for Packers
Brett Favre informed the Packers on Tuesday that he will definitely play the 2006 season in Green Bay, league and team sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Favre shared his decision with general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy in a telephone conversation on Wednesday morning, the sources said.

Neither Favre, Thompson nor McCarthy was available for immediate comment. Bus Cook, Favre's agent, did not return phone inquiries.

Favre has said previously that if he decides to play in 2006 it will be his final season in the NFL.

Draft on Saturday

Hey, we going to have the annual chat, whine, b!+c#, and moan session like we did last year during the NFL Draft?

Just wondering...

Congrats to Patick

For being one of the first blogs I have ever heard mentioned by name on Belling show. For the Catching Daddy McGee spewing his Racist Jokes.

Nicely played Patrick Nicely played.

Still waiting for the left side of the Wis Blogsphere to show some outrage over this but I wont hold my breath. Its ok to be Racist if your a Lefty


What could have been

I am very pleased that the ethanol mandate was put on mothballs in Madison, but there is a little, itsy-bitsy part of me that would have enjoyed watching the "ayes" squirm this summer when the ethanol crunch really hits.

RE: Bueler

What a minute?

You mean people actually go to Cheddarsphere?

No Reaction to McGee from Journal Sentinel

Here's the status of any comment from certain Journal Sentinel columnists on Michael McGee, Sr.'s on-air racist jokes:

And so begins the me keeping track of how many days until one of them writes something on McGee, Sr. These three would be jumping all over themselves if Sykes, Belling, Wagner, or McBride told some racist jokes on-air. Patrick McIlheran gets a pass. I expect him to comment. The others will have to be goaded.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Help the sister of a DU'er

Never thought you'd read that headline here, did you? I ask out of principle that we all take a look at this post at Right Wing News. Here is a snippet:

Yesterday, as I was perusing the Democratic Underground, I ran across a very troubling story. I'm reposting it here, so that you can read it just as I did last night (The phone numbers presently are x'd out, although you can read them in the original post)...


Mods, please don't move this post. I know it's not in the activist section, but there's so little time left now, we need it to reach as many people as possible. We desperately need help.

Fellow DUers:

My sister, Andrea Clarke, is at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX. St. Luke's is located at:

6720 Bertner Avenue, Houston, TX. Their phone number is: 832-***-****.

The hospital ethics committee met the day before yesterday and concluded that Andrea's treatment (respirator and dialysis) should be discontinued. We have ten days to move her from that hospital or they will "pull the plug" and let Andrea die. Andrea, until a few days ago, when the physicians decided to increase her pain medication and anesthetize her into unconsciousness, was fully able to make her own medical decisions and had decided that she wanted life saving treatment until she dies naturally. We have learned that this is part of the process, when hospitals decided to declare the "medical futility" of continueing treatment for a patient. But, this is not a Terry Schiavo case; not anything like it. Andrea, when she is not medicated into unconsciousness (and even when she is, and the medication has worn off to some degree) is aware and cognizant. She has suffered no brain damage to the parts of her brain responsible for thought and reason, or speech. She has only suffered loss of some motor control. The reason that the physician gave to medicate her so much is that she is suffering from intractable pain in the sacral region (in other words, she has a bedsore that causes her pain). This is not reason enough, in our books, and we are trying, as we speak, to get Andrea's medication lowered so that she can speak to us.

John Hawkins has done his background homework on this story. It does appear that this woman is going to die because the hospital finds it expedient to halt her medical care. Volumes of blog posts were written on Terry Schiavo last year. I think it may be time to turn up the volume on this story so if the woman is responsive when not medicated, she actually can get the chance to live as long as possible. Bloggers, by all means, be tentative in covering this story that is still short on details, but at least start talking about it. For those of us who wrote on the Schiavo case, it would be irresponsible to at least not look at this story. For those readers who aren't bloggers, you can help with you comments, a phone call to the hospital, an email to the hospital, or just by discussing this around the water cooler so others hear about it.

KHOU covers this story here.

Bueler. Beuler. Beuler

Hey, where is everyone? If we aren't careful, Jay is going to start squatting here and calling this place Cheddarsphere 2.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

County Board Member Count

The WI AP wire published the list of how many county board members each of Wisconsin's 72 counties have.

You can
check out the list here.

Least is Menominee with 7.

Most is Winnebago, Wood, and Marathon with 38.
Until recently Brown County had over 50.

A Northeastern Wisconsin Black Eye.

The Philippine Times news syndication service picks up on a story from Appleton:
APPLETON, Wisconsin (AP) -- A man raising his 18-month-old daughter alone tried to sell the little girl for $7,000 so he could make improvements to his house, police said Friday.
The man from Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, tried to sell his daughter to a Grand Chute couple, who helped authorities in the investigation, Grand Chute police Chief Ed Kopp said.
Well, I was part of an effort that picked up by this same news feed, that was a much better event than a criminal prosecution.

My bad on the title. It was so bad I had to change it, and all I had to do was to remove one letter to fix it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Keep him or trade him?

Did anyone else notice: the last JS Online: Poll of the Day was "Would you trade Brett Favre if he agreed to it and the Packers could get a first-round draft pick in return?"

It's over now, with about 64% voting yes. As much as I love the guy, I'm with the majority on this one.


Rush Limbaugh just referenced the Appleton Post Crescent! He is talking about GM and the costs they have to bear due to the UAW.

Locking up Sexual Predators for life

I received a letter from Kevin Fisher last night dealing with the fight to rid Wisconsin's neighborhoods of those convicted of first degree sexual assault of a child, these are the worst of the worst. Finally there is a bill coming through to lock these people up for the rest of their lives.

Sexually Violent Persons (SVP) have a recidivism rate over 75%, so almost all of them will violently molest children again, the only way to protect our children from them is to remove them from society, and SB 629 does that.

Read Kevin's letter and a legislative column by state Senator Mary Lazich.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Re: This is UnAmerican...

Britney should be banned from performing anywhere simply for performing like Britney Spears.

The Next CRG? Maybe.

Recent Racine School Board candidate Eric Marcus is not going quietly into the night.

Marcus could not overcome the $40,000 in shadow funds from Partners for Progress (investigation into this continues more to come) but he has formed Care, the Coalition to Actively Reform Education.

This is the release sent out about CARE.

Educational Reform Group Opposes Referendum
Racine, Wisconsin – April 20, 2006
Contact: Eric Marcus, Coalition to Actively Reform Education (CARE) - 847.668.3915

The Racine Unified School District is asking the community to exceed spending limits and give them another $6.45 million. The Coalition to Actively Reform Education (CARE) thinks it’s just good money after bad and urges a “no” vote.

Between 2000 and 2005, the number of Racine Unified School District students remained the same while overall school spending in Racine rose from $178 million to $256 million - an increase of 43.8%. At the same time, student achievement on statewide exams and graduation rates continue to be far below state averages.

While asking again for a tax increase, the Racine Unified School District has failed to present a vision for the education of our children, 1-year and 5-year goals or an action plan to improve student performance. CARE has developed a vision, goals and actions for the Racine Unified School District. We want to work with parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders to quickly finalize and begin implementation of this plan.

At its April 3, 2006 Board meeting, the Racine Unified School District acknowledged that it could reduce expenses by over $2 million with no impact on students or teachers. There does not appear to be any reason these cuts could not have been made in prior years. This is not the kind of tax revenue stewardship we deserve.

CARE calls for the Racine Unified School District to present an acceptable plan for our children’s education - including specific and measurable actions for achieving them – before asking the voters for more money. Continuing to ask voters to simply make up deficits is irresponsible. We need to ensure that our spending is focused on providing the best education for our children. We invite the Racine Unified School Board to meet with CARE to discuss cost reductions that would have little, if any, impact on our childrens’ education and would not require a referendum in 2006.

Despite unacceptable student achievement, the top 21 Racine Unified School District administrators were paid $2,497,308 in salaries and fringe benefits in 2004 (the most current state published figures). That’s an average of over $118,919 a year. Racine Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Hicks, is paid a salary of $140,100 plus fringe benefits of another $53,028 for a total of just over $193,000.While Racine Unified School District teachers will receive copies of their proposed new contract as part of the ratification process, though legally permitted to do so, the School Board insists on keeping those terms a secret from the community which must pay for it.

The June 2006 referendum gives our community the opportunity to tell the Racine Unified School District that we will not give them more tax dollars without effective stewardship for public money and an acceptable plan to improve the education of our children.

CARE, a non-partisan advocacy group formed to improve the education of children in the Racine Unified School District, offers membership at no cost. CARE advocates setting measurable objectives to improve student achievement and graduation rates; establish District accountability with proper stewardship of taxpayer dollars; offer neighborhood schools to all students, decrease average busing times; and provide educational leadership that earns the respect of the community. CARE invites inquiries and membership.

Warning: Aaron's Going to Say Something Really Creepy

I warned you.

Now, read Owen's post about internet enabled sex toys.

And think to yourself: What if it's really a gorilla on the other end?

Have you always twitched like that?

This is UnAmerican...

Then thank the higher power it's only happening in Australia then.

Australian cheerleaders have been banned from baring midriffs by officials of the sport who fear displays of skin may encourage eating disorders, a Sunday newspaper reported.

Sydney's Sunday Telegraph said Gymnastics Australia, the governing body for the country and which has authority over about 105 teams registered with the federation, has ordered cheerleading troupes to find new uniforms by the end of the year because revealing costumes make teenagers fret about their weight.

Cheerleaders reportedly are angry at the order which, they say, defies the wishes of crowds at sporting events.

Gymnastics Australia's cheerleading program manager Nerine Cooper told the Telegraph the directive to tame uniforms, which followed similar moves overseas, was needed because cheerleaders often performed in front of family groups.

"We don't want girls to feel under pressure to lose weight because of uniforms," she said.

But Lisa Ince, head of Sydney Promotional Dancers, said the order was unfair.

"It's ridiculous really, if the thinking is that a midriff is offensive, then every dance school and athletics club would face the same restrictions," Ince said.

Quick question: Does this ban Britney Spears from performing 'Down Under?' Because despite the lack of cheerleader midriffs, that alone would make moving to Australia a possibility someday.

What does that make Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold is out with a new video saying W is acting like a king.

Well you know what that makes Russ


Re: McClellan's Replacement

I say we morph Jib's and Sean's ideas of Hollywood and scrapping the briefings altogether, and replace the current WH press briefings with Stephen Colbert's show.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mistreatment of Undocumented Workers

Here's the lead:

Considered felons by the government, these migrants fear detention, rape and robbery. Police and soldiers hunt them down at railroads, bus stations and fleabag hotels. Sometimes they are deported; more often officers simply take their money.
Wow. Them Texans must be actin' up agin.

Oh, but wait...the dateline reads Tultitlan, Mexico. Here's the next few paragraphs:

While migrants in the United States have held huge demonstrations in recent weeks, the hundreds of thousands of undocumented Central Americans in Mexico suffer mostly in silence.

And though Mexico demands humane treatment for its citizens who migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for migrants on its own soil. The issue simply isn't on the country's political agenda, perhaps because migrants make up only 0.5 percent of the population, or about 500,000 people - compared with 12 percent in the United States.

The level of brutality Central American migrants face in Mexico was apparent Monday, when police conducting a raid for undocumented migrants near a rail yard outside Mexico City shot to death a local man, apparently because his dark skin and work clothes made officers think he was a migrant.

Virginia Sanchez, who lives near the railroad tracks that carry Central Americans north to the U.S. border, said such shootings in Tultitlan are common.
It's an AP piece, by Mark Stevenson. Read the whole thing, and ask: where's Voces de la Frontera on this?

Wisconsin Guard soldier on the state's referendums

Jenna picked up on a good letter in the State Journal from a Wisconsin National Guard member in Afghanistan. The topic of his letter? The Wisconsin referendums on bringing the troops home. My favorite paragraph:
Some argue that they know people serving overseas who do not want to be there. It is our job; we signed up for this. Yes, we have moments when we complain about this or that, but who does not complain about some aspect of their job? Does that mean we quit and go home? Absolutely not. We adapt, overcome and persevere. We drive on with our missions and roll with the adversity.

Read the rest.

RE: McCllelan

Eh. A press secretary just needs to be able to toe the administration line and have a thick skin. I'm more interested in the replacement chatter.

First, Fox reported that Tony Snow may be a candidate. Personally, that would be a waste of talent. I'd rather seem stay on the radio waves.

Hugh Hewitt is stumping for Stephan Colbert.

GOP and the City is fully behind Jack Bauer.

I like GOP and the City's thought process, but Bauer isn't cranky enough for me. He has a soft spot deep down in his heart. I want the White House press corps to dread coming to work everyday. That's why I'm endorsing an automatic rifle toting Chloe O'Brian.

You're not going to leave me hangin', are you?

You're not going to leave me hangin', are you?

The official submission time has past, however, if you send in a submission before 5 AM Thursday morning, I will try to add your post along with the the Carnival, so don't delay, if you have a Wisconsin based blog, on any subject, send me your favorite post from the past week!

Gas hits $3.00 a gallon World ends.

Report on the Decent into Barbarism at Spotted Horse 2 ;)


Re: C'Mon. We Can Do Better Than This

Nothing like perpetuating the myth of Wisconsin as a rural land of hicks (State Sen. Schultz excluded). Let's get Gary Arneson a cheesehead and have him run around shirtless so he can display some more Wisconsin stereotypes.

RE: McCllelan

I am utterly unmoved one way or the other by McCllelan's departure from the office of press secretary. The press secretary's job amounts to is to serve as a punching bag, lightning rod, etc.

The only thing I can say is I preferred Ari Fleischer in the job. Why? Because Ari is an avid skier and I don't know that about McCllelan.

C'Mon. We Can Do Better Than This

Wow. Could we get a little more professionalism please?
3rd District GOP: Let Me Get My High Water Britches On, Ron Kind!

Recently Ron Kind criticized Republicans for rejecting implementation of the "pay as you go" measures he felt contributed to the surpluses of the 90's. "I don't see any other way to get out of this hole than by putting the tools back in place that require those trade-offs to be made in budgeting," said Kind.

“Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty!” replied 3rd District GOP Chairman Gary Arneson. “Kind’s always jabber-jawed about "pay as you go" rules. But on June 24, 2004 Kind had the opportunity to implement “pay as you go” and voted against it. Now he wants to reinstitute those rules. Sheesh!”


RE: McCllelan

My reaction?

If it makes Helen Thomas angry I am over-joyed.
If it makes Helen Thomas over-joyed I am angry.

Reacting to the Reaction from the Jude Jury.

I've been giving some thought to the Jude decision. I have avoided commenting on this for a couple of days while I thought this through. Actually, I have avoided as much opinion on this as possible as I did not want my analysis clouded.

First of all, I was surprised the jury acquitted. However, I can see why they did so. The DA really did not put on a strong case and if reasonable doubt is the standard I respect their decision.

The acquittal was the best thing that could of happened for those who really wanted a shake-up in the Milwaukee Police Department. If the jury had come back with guilty verdicts across the board it is likely that Steve Biskupic would of passed on this case entirely. Now we have a real no nonsense hard-nosed prosecutor with the power of the Grand Jury and the ability to compel testimony looking into the matter.

Those who had a couple days of celebration on acquittal had an abrupt change of attitude when this was made a Federal case. If getting to the bottom of the "code of silence" and getting rid of bad cops is the agenda of the protestors then the Federal case should be their best friend. I hope they give the process enough time to work itself out.

That being said, something is bugging me. A bunch of white cops acting together beat up a black guy and got acquitted. That is a federal case claiming Mr Jude's civil rights were violated.A bunch of political operatives get acquitted for attempting to suppress the votes of an opposing political party. Three of the operatives are black two of those being sons of well placed political operatives. One of those children's mother is running for Congress on the same day in the same district as the crime.

Is not attempting to infringe upon the right of persons to vote a civil rights violation? The no time community service plea bargain of three of the perpetrators and the acquittal of the other tire-slasher was a complete joke.

How is there not a federal investigation into this issue?

Are not the civil rights of the voters as important as the civil rights of Frank Jude Jr?

Apparently not.

Quick BBA Member Poll

Please Respond in the blog ladies and gentlemen.

Who here is happy with this news?

WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan is resigning.

Me? I'm joining Larry and Balki in the "Dance of Joy."

Carnival of the Badger Alert

The Carnival of the Badger is going to be held at BadgerBlogger this week. I took this up on short notice, so I haven't been able to mention this during the past week. So all Wisconsin Bloggers need to submit their post by 8 PM TONIGHT, Wednesday 4/19! So get your submission in today so I have time to compile them. (Don't make me come find you lol)

If you don’t know what a Blog Carnival is, in a nutshell, a Blogger collects one post each from a group of blogs (usually submitted by the owner of each blog). The host then compiles them and makes a single post with a link to each submitted post. This is often done with a good bit of humor or a theme, just to keep things fresh.

Who can submit a post to the Carnival of the Badger?

The Carnival of the Badger is open to any and all Bloggers from Wisconsin. There is no specific topic, political persuasion or style required, you just have to be from the Badger State. Just pick a post from the past week that you want to show off and send it in. Carnivals are great ways to drive more traffic to your Blog, and is a great way for a new Blog to be noticed.

How do I submit a post?

There are several options for submitting your post. You can simply email your Carnival submission to or use the Blog Carnival Submission form.

Just include your post URL, your name and maybe a short summery.

Also, Nick is looking for hosts for future Carnivals.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why didn't I think of these?

Re: Do Liberals leftists Hate America?


First off they are not liberals they are leftists.

Your friend was confronted violently in a land proud of its liberal traditions, quite shocking. As is indicated by the description of her attacker that person was probably not a leftist certainly not a liberal but a jihadist.

Your leftist friend was shocked by the violence and virulence of the confrontation and has been so conditioned to believe the attack was based solely on a rational hatred of the USA. I don't see it as a desire to hate America but as a naive attempt at appeasement. Perhaps if I cut down America for him perhaps he will stop at the pizza slap. It is not an easy thing to stand up against those who attack.

My experience while overseas is American hatred is not as widespread as is commonly thought. I was overseas in January and didn't notice any anti-American sentiment (any on display would have been over a rape case involving some marines), but saw huge lines at the visa section of our embassy.

Re. Marco

Where did this whole "Marco... Polo!" business come from? I never did it when I was a kid.

Do Liberals Hate America?

So I was talking with a law school classmate yesterday who was telling me of her trip to the Netherlands a few years back. Like most of my classmates, she is an avowed liberal.

She recounted how was eating at a restaurant with a British friend, when someone must have heard that she was an American. The man then came up to her and said, "F_ck America!"

The British friend then responded with a dismissive, "Whatever." Unsure that his message was sufficiently communicated, this man, apparently of Arab descent, then threw a piece of pizza in her face.

How did she respond? Being that this was not long after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, she proceeded to apologize for all of the terrible things America had done!!

Another liberal who was listening in, a bit flabbergasted herself, said, "You realize you're playing to all of Brian's worst fears about liberals."

"Indeed you are," I responded.

Now I fully concede that America has done a lot of terrible things throughout its history, as has every other nation on earth, including the Netherlands. But I would never, ever respond to that kind of America bashing with an apology for who we are.

I don't believe that most liberals truly hate America. Many liberals have given and continue to give life and limb for their country. But the scary reality is, my classmate is not alone. In fact, she is representative of dangerously large segment on the political Left that really is not loyal to America. They really are ashamed of our country, and truth be told, would rather see the Bush administration taken down at the expense of a weaker America.

As my other patriotic liberal classmate, who was not a supporter of the war in Iraq either, responded to her, "What, should we apologize for putting those buildings in the way of the airplanes?"


Cross posted on Anno Domini.



Hey, where is everyone?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kane Will Spout Off Tomorrow

Eugene Kane will have a must-read column tomorrow. From the brief quote mentioned he thinks only blacks were hurt from the Jude verdict and the discovery of the two missing boys' bodies. Odd since I've haven't read or heard anyone supporting the pathetic excuses for cops or complaining about the efforts to find the missing boys. In Kane's world whites don't care about injustice or tragedy.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Frank Jude Jr. beating trial

Wow, all three men have been found Not Guilty. I don't believe this.

Saved for a Rainy Day

I've been trying to find a way to map homicides in Milwaukee, just to see if there actually is a pattern. Big thanks to Belle for tipping me off to this! I guess liberals aren't totally useless, after all.

Based on this map, where in Milwaukee would you prefer to live?There certainly seems to be a large cluster of negative mojo north of the valley, doesn't there?

But, wait! This wonderful site can map other crimes. What does the city look like if you include them all?Answer: it looks like hell. Those pretty purple blotches are aggravated assaults, by the way. Apparently, the safest place in town is the airport. I just wish this map included the suburbs, for comparison. Arson, especially, seems to be more common in the outlying areas.

Oh, and in the interest of fairness there are some disclaimers with this mapping service:
  • the information represents only police services where a report was made and does not include other calls for police service
  • the information does not reflect or certify "safe" or "unsafe" areas
  • the information will sometimes reflect where the crime was reported versus where the crime occurred
So, if you are a liberal you can conveniently latch on to the third item. Those murders might have only been phoned in from the north side. But, then you would have to discount the "No Snitching" campaign as a total failure. This disclaimer also helps to explain how a car was stolen out of the lake.

Possible news on missing Milwaukee boys

Two bodies have been recovered from the lagoon of McGovern Park, just blocks from where Quadrevion Henning and Purvis Parker were last seen.

I am live blogging details as they happen at BadgerBlogger.

"It was necessary, he suppos'd, to drink strong beer, that he might be strong to labor."


We hear lots of excuses for drinking nowadays, but never that one. Hilarious. How could people get anything done, drinking like that?
No, she's not writing about us. You'd think maybe she was, but no. The post is about some of Benjamin Franklin's observations while visiting London.

Read the whole thing. I have never had so much fun reading the comments to a blog post.

Re: An e-mail I don't expect a response to:


I was once on the phone with a couple of assembly staffers and their boss. One of them tried to get a story going through me about one of their competitors in a high profile primary race. Their boss slapped it down and I wasn't biting anyway.

Counter Rally in Appleton.

Just received an e-mail note that contains the following:

Saturday, May April 22 there will be a counter demonstration to the anti-war protestors in Appleton on the corner of Oneida Street and College Avenue. It will start at 11:00 A.M. and end at 1:00 P.M.

Please bring your signs (civil, please) and your flags.

See you there!

I got in touch with the orgainizer and they confirm Saturday April 22 is indeed the date for this event. Thanks Peter.

RE: Scare Tactics?

You want scare tactics? The unions will give you scare tactics.

Here is the text of the postcard that AFSCME got their sheep to send out.
"I am writing to encourage you to oppose the TABOR budget gimmick. This needless proposal will result in thousands of seniors and children losing their health care. Wisconsin cannot afford TABOR-the Taxpayer Deception Act."

Lakeshore Laments is Down

But, we're not out.

We have a hiccup of some sort going on through our webserver host. Kurt and I are getting it looked at. Hopefully we'll have something by the end of the day or sometime next week.

If I was able to post, there'd be a new post on the Teresa Halbach case and word of my upcoming appearance on Sheboygan's 1330 AM WHBL's Friday Forum at 10:30 this morning.

The last half-hour is now a call-in format I've been told.

UPDATE - Been bumped off Friday Forum, full house, it happens.

UPDATE II - All systems are now go!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Re: Bad campaign move

I couldn't agree with you more, Jenna (and with Patrick). I'd like to add one thing to the conversation. I know that Bucher wants to appear strong and tough on crime, but his campaign risks coming off as too emotional if we see any more incidents like this. I think that everyone who read the two releases noted the difference. Owen just happened to be the one who commented on it, and rather benignly at that. The response to Owen's comments are way out of scale with his actual comments. Being tough on crime is an admirable trait to portray to voters, but if you and/or your campaign starts to come off as emotional, reactive, or too angry, the other guy, who appears calmer and cooler by comparison, benefits. The Bucher campaign did itself no favors yesterday.

Bad Campaign Move

Owen has a post up regarding AG candidate Paul Bucher campaign's response to a minor political technicality that he pointed out. Because he did, Bucher has now "pulled out" of a scheduled tentative panel on the race.

Not any more. Y’all won’t get to see this debate because R. J. Johnson declined to have his client attend citing my lack of “neutrality” - despite the fact that my biases have always been disclosed and all I would have been doing in the debate is running the clock. It doesn’t hurt me at all, but it doesn’t do much for Johnson’s client. I already have a forum in which to debate the issues. Not very many people are going to be paying attention to the AG race. Nobody ever does. This debate would have been an opportunity for both Bucher and Van Hollen to debate in front of likely Republican primary voters.
When I read this, it reminded me of the little spat Terri McCormick, candidate for the 8th CD tried to have with him a few months back.

Given what happened with McCormick, I'm wondering what Bucher's camp is thinking. Clearly, this does not bode well for the organization of their campaign, as it seems as though the smallest criticism (although it was hardly that) led to them flying off the handle and going on the attack mode.

Is this really the image they want out there? Especially directed towards an undecided voter?

National Journal Rankings: We're Now # 8

I'm only posting Teresa Halbach news on my blog while on my break until Monday, so this gets to go here.

According to the latest National Journal Rankings, we're now # 8. Last month, Wisconsin was # 9.

8. WISCONSIN (Doyle-D) Last Ranking: 9

Walker's withdrawal from the GOP primary was very bad news for Doyle. The GOP establishment is rallying around Green. He's from a swing part of the state, which can't be good for Doyle -- who did well in the Green Bay area.

You can take a look at the 2002 votes for Governor here (pages 934-963). Yes, Doyle did do well in the Green Bay area. He didn't win any counties, but he did well enough to swing the election in his favor. With Green now being from the candidate from the "swing area," that advantage is now gone.

Scare Tactics?

This was the news back in January:

The Baraboo School District is proposing $1.3 million in cuts in the 2006-07 budget, including the elimination of 10 full-time teaching positions.

"No one should be surprised," said District Administrator Lance Alwin. "We have a crisis and you can only keep the fox out of the chicken coop for so long before he gets in. The fox is in the coop."
The cuts included something like 9 sports and the entire High School French program.

The announcement led to anger, which led to a petition, which led to a referendum. The referendum failed, barely, pending a recount.

I called it scare tactics. I wasn't alone.

Now here's the news this week:

BARABOO - The Baraboo School Board made a compromise where it could Monday night in its first meeting after the five-year, $7.5 million referendum failed by a narrow margin April 4.

Instead of cutting nine sports outright, as proposed earlier this year, the board vote unanimously to find a way to distribute $45,000 in cuts among all the sports offered at the high school level...

...The French program will survive in its entirety for another year, though one French teacher will be cut back. The health teacher will stay at the high school while a library specialist retiring will not be replaced.
Scare tactics? You decide.

There will be some reductions in Baraboo - some teaching positions will be eliminated, some classes not offered.

But. How much less anger would there have been if the School Board had announced this new - and far less dramatic - list of cuts back in January? Would there even have been a referendum?

One last note: by the school district's own numbers, spending is growing annually at 5% per year. This is generous, and if there is a problem, it is that our expenses are out of control - not that we aren't paying enough.

Congrats, Jay! Oh, no, wait...

From Michelle Malkin's latest column:

Last month, the unhinged government school teacher of the month award went to Jay Bennish
I read this, and I thought: “Folkbum?”

No, no, I realized. That’s Jay Bullock. Not Jay Bennish.

See, I saw the words "Jay" and "unhinged government school teacher," and, well, naturally I leapt to conclusions.

What? I kid. I kid, because I care.

And I was a little ticked for a second – how come Folkbum gets mentioned by Malkin and not me?

An e-mail I don't expect a response to:

Dear "Not for Attribution" low-level political operative:

Thanks for the personal note. Since you took the time, I'll share my thoughts with you.

To be honest, I'm not excited about the "not for attribution" aspect of stuff that comes around. Particularly when there aren't any links to the material.

It looks like you're on the down-low and sends me searching for stuff, if I'm interested enough to write about it.

And, since you've been reading my blog, you know that I don't always see things the way others do, conservatism notwithstanding.

Blogging takes a significant amount of time, and I don't get paid to do it. So adding time on top of that while making me feel like I'm sneaking someone's agenda to my four or five readers (Hi, Mom!) leaves me ambivalent, to say the least.

You could help me with that by pointing to sources when you send material and identifying yourself - which would most likely clear up the "attribution" part, since few bloggers are going to say they are posting on something because a political operative passed it along. Except for Karl Rove, that is. We all 'fess up to that.

As a journalist and a teacher - not just a blogger - I try to maintain standards of objectivity and credibility, along with consistency, on my blog. I don't mind discussing things passed on by a reader, but that's not our true relationship. Perhaps someone else should be forwarding the material.

So if you enjoy my blog, you will consider how to help me maintain it - one of my chief objectives is to provide resources and thoughtful material, regardless of the source of origin. With that in mind, I will not advance a relationship that's inappropriately exploitative. In general, I don't have a problem coming up with material.


tee bee


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What?! The Capital Times is liberal?

The story tee bee commented on below is being randomly covered nationally. All I have to say is, "duh.". All anyone ever had to do was ask Wisconsinites, or even the Cap Times themselves. They've never really tried to hide their slant.

And as for them "coming out" as progressive. I welcome it. I'm personally of the opinion that if newspapers want to make it today, they should harken back to the 1800's a bit. Openly admit their slant and pursue it. Where possible, the parent company should start competitive newspapers in the same market that are on the other side of the spectrum. Give them reasonable independence from the parent company and let them go after each other. I guarantee total combined circ will go up and they'll develop much more loyal readership. On top of that, most of us love to hate reading what the other guy is saying, don't we?

Of course, there is the fear that this will invite plenty of yellow journalism back into the newspaper business. Hasn't it seeped back in already, though? At least this way it can't hide behind claims that it is objective with a minimum of bias.

The MSM, Journalism and the Role of Bias

I received an e-mail alerting me to the Capital Times' admission that it is "Wisconsin's Progressive Newspaper" (see the smallish type in the skyline silhouette).

First, it's important to consider whether the Times' use of the term progressive is meant in the sense that should frighten poor conservatives like me.

For a number of reasons - including publishing out of a very liberal capital that is locked into the liberal University mindset, and the nature of journalism post-Watergate as well as the examples in the e-mail - it's probably safe to assume that the Times is speaking in the political vernacular.

But let's be honest. Publications are about two things: Making money through advertising, and making a statement that a significant number of readers will identify with so there will be someone to receive the ad messages that are being sold.

In other words, it's about money.

Unfortunately, certain idealists have sold themselves as Lady Justice of the blindfold and scales, among them Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Dan Rather. Socially, Americans have embraced the nobility of the idea - if not the impracticality. Bias is part of the weave of life, regardless of whether it's life circumstances or experiences that produce a certain viewpoint.

It should never be taken for granted that publishers, editors or reporters are free of bias, at all times. They may strive to be fair and balanced, but it's the task of Sysiphus. Every time they face that boulder, they have the same hill to climb and no guarantee of accomplishing it.

Likewise, readers have the same task before them - to consider the facts, wording and bias in contrast with other reasonable sources (preferrably primary sources).

So, do I care that the CapTimes calls itself "progressive"? Yes.

But I already considered a number of things, such as the fact that publishing is an enterprise that has to identify with its readers as well as being a human endeavor with a certain quasi-homogenized worldview, before anyone bothered to point out the liberal lean of the Times and its staff.

I'm just glad they've officially raised the progressive flag. It makes it that much easier to cipher the politics of what goes into - or stays out of - the Times.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Conservative Not Republican!

You all know I am a resident of Northeastern Wisconsin. I rarely listen to Charlie Sykes (sorry Charlie) and I definitely do not take marching orders from him.

However, anyone casting aspersions on my BBA colleagues as Charlie Sykes Stormtroopers is doing the same to me.

Sometime ago my county party received a letter from a representative in our area. He was warning the party chair about conservatives. What a knobhead.

Madison's anti-anti-illegal-immigration rally

Forgot my camera. Dang.

I spent a little time today walking around the pro-immigrant (for lack of a better term) rally at the Capitol. Quite a large crowd of people - pretty impressive watching them all march down West Washington Avenue to the Capitol Square. All very peaceful, from what I saw. Lots of flags - mostly American and Mexican. I'd guesstimate about a 50/50 split between those two, with a few other South American flags mixed in.

A few of the signs and t-shirt slogans I saw:

We are workers not criminals
We are all Americans
Which kinda makes you wonder what they're complaining about - after all, if they're already Americans, legislation on illegal immigration won't affect them.


Immigration is an American experience

We are Immigrants, not Ignorants: No HR 4437 - We Want Justice!

Amnesty Now!
Which would seem to conflict with the earlier slogan about us all being Americans.

This country was built by immigrants.

Give us some respect - we also pay taxes.

Why do you want to separate our families? (with a picture of the Virgin Mary)

Walls don't make good neighbors.

HR 4437 would make you racist, not look better

No to racism (t-shirt)
This was a common thread - the issue, to those attending the rally, is race and racism - not a sensible immigration policy and enforcing the law.

This is a common disconnect in the immigration debate - the other side won't admit that there is any such thing as illegal immigration, or that those who cross our borders without adhering to our laws are, in fact, breaking the law.

As Jenna pointed out, most of the speeches were in Spanish (as were a lot of the signs and banners), which made it a little tough for a non-Spanish speaker like myself. I understand that Governor Doyle and Peg Lautenschlager also spoke - in English, I assume. I didn't hear them.

Boy, it's a good thing this wasn't a pro-cranberry rally. Peg would really have brought the hammer down then!

I wondered whether it wasn't a little ill-advised on their part to have the speeches in Spanish. The crowd seemed to be mostly hispanic, but not all. Plus, surely, just because you look hispanic or are of hispanic descent, that doesn't mean you speak Spanish.

For example, I wondered if the guy carrying the Brazilian flag felt a little left out. They speak Portuguese in Brazil.

But I guess it's all about demagoguery now. They want it to be a race isue. It's the powerful whites against the oppressed Mexicans. Thus, they speak Spanish.

There was a very small counter-protest. Maybe 6 or 10 young men, holding signs that said:

Illegal 12 Million - Against the Law

Ellis Island: Good Enough for our Ancestors

Respect our laws and border
They were pretty much surrounded by pro-immigration people. A few chants, things like that - I was only there a few minutes, but didn't see any overt attempts at intimidation. Still, it couldn't have been too comfortable being one of those guys.

a request for Joey or the Rep who made the Stormtrooper comment

If Joey could call his office see if he will give you permission to quote him. Not that you need it if he said it in public.

But Joey shouldn't have to out this Rep if he really thinks that way about SE Wis Conservatives let him be a man and say it in public. Come if you believe in something then believe in it. I would love to have a cup of coffee with him and have him tell me that I am a mind numbed Sykes Stormtrooper. I mean that I promise to be on my best behavior I will get a sitter drive to Madison and even pay for the lunch. But I would really like to talk to one of these Outstate GOP members who always have nothing good to say about us face to face.

Let me tell you something Mr Mainstream Republican who ever you are, bash us all you want. What crimes are we guilty of in outstate eyes. First forced them to do their job and vote to raise our Gas Tax. Second we killed their beloved ethanol mandate(if the stuff is so great the market will bring it to us it wont need the government to force us to use it.)

This GOP Rep sounds like he doesn't like the fact the Serfs now know how to read and can figure out we are being shafted a lot of the time by the state GOP.

Remember something MR Big Talking Outstate rep Mark Green is going to need every SE Wis Stormtrooper Vote he can get to beat Diamond Jim. I am sure Mr Green will have no problem cashing the checks we Stormtroopers send him either(note I am not blaming Green for any of this) When Green became the GOP candidate almost all of us Stormtroopers rallied to his banner don't forget that. The enemy until November is Jim Doyle after we take care of that business we will be more than happy to settle this family squabble but I shouldn't have to remind a GOP Rep what the real prize is should I?

So once again I ask Joey to give us a name or have the GOP Rep be a stand up guy and come out and admit he said it. Don't be gutless now.



Army surpassing year's retention goal by 15%

Two of every three eligible soldiers continue to re-enlist, putting the Army, which has endured most of the fighting in Iraq, ahead of its annual goal.

The Army was 15% ahead of its re-enlistment goal of 34,668 for the first six months of fiscal year 2006, which ended March 31. More than 39,900 soldiers had re-enlisted, according to figures scheduled to be released today by the Army.
What fantastic news.

The story goes on with more statistics, some of which don't quite add up:

Strong retention has helped the Army offset recruiting that has failed to meet its targets as the war in Iraq has made it harder to attract new soldiers. The Army fell 8% short of its goal of recruiting 80,000 soldiers in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, although it is exceeding its goal this year. Army recruiting figures for the first half of the year are to be released today.

The Army has met or exceeded its goals for retention for the past five years, records show. It was 8% over its goal for 2005, and 7% ahead of its targets for 2004. The number of re-enlistments has exceeded the Army's goal by a larger margin each year since 2001.
I wonder what the explanation for that is - a difference between calendar year and fiscal year, maybe? Or perhaps the 80,000 goal was a much higher goal than usual?

Regardless, this is good news. Go Army!

UPDATE - of course, it turns out the explanation is in the story, and I just missed it. Commenter Scott H points out that the first number is for recruitment, while the second is for retention. The two might overlap, but they are different.

Re 3 parties

I had a little fun with my reply to Joeys unnamed outstate Republican who said we in SE East Wisconsin are nothing but Lord Vader/Sykes Stormtroopers



Action to be taken on Sexual Predator Bill

UPDATE: The Bill Has Been Signed

Victory for Wisconsin's kids. I have posted further comments at BadgerBlogger

Today, Governor Doyle will be acting "behind closed doors," on SB 536. This is the bill that funds a facility that will house sexual predators together, in groups of at least a dozen, probably several dozen, all in someone's neighborhood.

Please call/email Governor Doyle between 8-11am today

(608) 266-1212 or email at

Tell Governor Doyle to sign SB 536 today

3 parties in Wisconsin

Joey at Wide White has an intriguing little post up tonight. I wish he'd have gone into more detail, but here's a little sample:
Here's a recent comment from an representative - and one who I believe is not only very intelligent, but is a pretty good conservative. It should be noted that these comments were made in a public address to other members of the Republican Party.
Then, this representative declared, "There are three parties in this state. There are normal Republicans, normal Democrats, and Charlie Sykes Stormtroopers. He says jump, they ask 'how high?'"

If Republicans want to talk like this throughout the state, I will guarantee them that they will ensure another four years of Governor Doyle. I just have one thing to say to state Republicans: 2006 is not the time for petty infighting. Stuff it this year, got it? You can be as petty as you want in 2007, but this ain't the year for it.

The Perils of Hotlinking.


Early Sunday morning I poured through the web access logs of one of the websites I run. I noticed a peculiar pattern of accesses. Typically a given IP address will request many different files (each image on a page is a new connection, so a web access log will have one entry per image in a page. I am talking Apache here, I wouldn't be surprised if MS's IIS does it completely differently), but whenever a certain referring host came up there would be only one access.

The referring page was a MySpace page and I eventually tracked down that page. Some fellow commenting on user X's page hotlinked an image off of my website Aleph (hehehe, I plumb run out of Greek letters and have to resort to the Hebrew alphabet). I copied the image to a new file and replaced all occurrences of that image in the various files I have to that new name, then I created a very timely advertisement for the concerned website to replace the old image file.

Hehehehe, so what was once the flag of another nation is now an advertisement. Of course, it could have been pr0n or something else quite inappropriate.

A quick lesson on hotlinking, not so you can do it, but so you know how to avoid it and deal with it. In my case an image was hotlinked the code in the offending page looked like <a href=""><img src=""></a> (at least he anchored to my website). What this does is to use my resource in a manner that is not apparent to the client, that is to say the person viewing the webpage does not know the resource they are looking at comes from my site. This costs me bandwidth and potentially website visitors. It is also dangerous to the hotlinker as they have no control over what that resource ultimately is and a mischievous webmaster will do something like I just did (a malicious one will obviously do worse).

What I did was to copy jollyrogers.jpg to jollyrogers2.jpg (of course I had to grep & sed through all of my files to replace all references to jollyrogers.jpg with jollyrogers2.jpg) and create a new jollyrogers.jpg with an advertisement built into it.

Get an account with one of the many image servers or host images off of your ISP webspace instead of hotlinking.

OH WHAT FUN! Hehehe, I have other exploits of daring do on the web, but I must keep those quiet!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thundercats Hooooooo!!!!

The U.K. has a new police agency with a funky logo.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yes Wisconsin is the Center of the Hockey Universe

1973 1977 1981 1983 1990 2006

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Mens Hockey Team for Winning their 6 National Title tonight 2-1 over Boston College at the BC in Milwaukee.

If you add that to the Badger Women winning their first national title this year I would say that makes Madison the Center of the College Hockey Universe



Just another thing in a long list of reasons why Wisconsin is better than MU ;)

CRG to raise funds to continue Holloway investigation

I am going to try my best to be here! CRG is holding a fund raiser to raise money to continue the Holloway investigation. If our elected officials won't do what is needed, we will do it without them! If I can't make it, I'm sending a check.
Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) will host a rally for all parties interested in participating on or donating to a committee to raise money to continue the 90-count ethics investigation of Milwaukee County Chair Lee Holloway. Earlier, members of Holloway’s hand-picked Finance Committee voted against the funding necessary to complete the investigation.

Holloway has been under investigation for allegations that he failed to disclose ownership of property for which he received payments totaling $165,000 from OIC, allegedly to rent a building they never occupied and to purchase a building for which Holloway never provided title to. The now defunct OIC was a taxpayer-funded social service agency closed after fraud convictions.

The rally will be held on Wednesday, April 12th, at 7:00PM 6:00PM, at Serb Hall located on the corner of Oklahoma Avenue and 51st Street. A featured speaker will be Maria Monreal Cameron, CEO and President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce who resigned as Vice-President of the Milwaukee County Ethics Board today after becoming “disillusioned, angry and bitter” over the Finance Committee’s failure to approve additional funding.

Check CRG for more details.

UPDATE: Correct Time is 6:00 PM
I just got an email from Chris Kliesmet and he confirms that the time for the rally will be 6:00 PM.

The time was changed to 6PM to accommodate speakers.
--Chris Kliesmet